Sagging skin can leave you looking older than your years. To help firm up your facial contours, this anti-ageing serum energises your skin from within, strengthening its elasticity for a firmer and smoother visage.

Formulated with Ginsenisphere™, an innovative microcapsule imbued with concentrated ginseng, this silky serum delivers small delicate capsules infused with precious ginseng seed oil, which melt into your skin to provide revitalising nourishment. By harnessing the anti-ageing properties from carefully cultivated ginseng leaves, stems and roots, you can plump up your skin cells and even out fine lines and wrinkles.

Let the power of ginseng work to defy the effects of time and refine your look so your contours appear flawless from every angle. At $265 (50 ml).


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A Sulwhasoo special, created by The Singapore Women’s Weekly.