Spa Awards 2016: Body Treatments


Need help for a little trim and tuck so you can squeeze into that new form-fitting dress and show off your svelte figure? Look no further than these treatments designed to give you results.

Best Body Contouring – Abdomen/Tummy
Twin-Lipo Bodytrim Treatment, from $196 for 30 mins.
ClearSK, Tel: 6100 6868,
Designed and administered by doctors, this treatment targets stubborn fats, especially those lurking in the abdomen or tummy area. This non-invasive treatment has minimal discomfort and downtime.

Best Body Contouring – Thighs
Liposhock for Cellulite Reduction, $400 for 45 mins.
Simply Aesthetics, Tel: 6384 2598,
Using Acoustic Wave Therapy, a machine delivered high-energy acoustic waves into the desired areas to help break down and disrupt fibrous tissue. When new collagen is formed, an inflammatory response is triggered, resulting is thicker, smoother skin.

Best Detoxing Treatment
Chimu Detox Body Harmoniser, $267.50 for 75 mins.
RN Spa, Tel: 6238 6890,
This holistic treatment combines the use of traditional herbs to help increase blood circulation and achieve hormonal balance.

Best Post-Natal Treatment
Venus Viva Stretch Marks Treatment, $480 for 30 mins.
Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic, Tel: 6884 4297,
Post-pregnancy weight loss might sometimes result in the natural formation of cellulite around the thighs and buttock area. Using a mini handheld applicator, this treatment effectively targets problem areas and helps to reduce lines between six to eight weeks.

Best Anti-Cellulite Treatment
Exilis Elite, from $600 for 30 mins.
Healthsprings Aesthetics, Tel: 6262 3660,
By delivering heat deep into skin, this is designed to melt away fat and tighten the skin as the body’s adipose tissue is broken up. After the treatment, toxins will be naturally flushed out from the body.

Best Beat The Bloat Fix
Detonix-S System with 4R Mast and Cryolipolysis, $280 for 120 mins.
Expressions, Tel: 6235 9890,
For firmer skin, a patented cream is applied onto areas of concern before you are covered by a multi-polar thermal blanket which encourages you to sweat out toxins.

Best Skin Smoothing Treatment
Divine Haven Polishing Massage, $288 for 120 mins.
One Beauty Spa, Tel: 6338 4979,
Kick back and relax as the full body Marine Sea Salt Detox Body Polish works its magic to slough away dirt and dead skin cells. You’ll also get to enjoy a pampering massage as well.

Best Body-Firming Treatment
Little Black Dress, $350.96 for 90 mins.
Dermacare Medispa, Tel: 6376 9238,
Getting ready for a big night out? Before you slip into a sexy little black dress, this treatment will help perfect your silhouette. You’ll leave with beautiful, silky smooth skin.

Body-Sculpting Wrap
Cheeky Chai Detox, $251.45 for 105 mins.
Spa Esprit, Tel: 6475 7020,
For a fragrant detox session, we loved the chai drainage massage that was accompanied by Dead Sea mud and an aromatic concoction of cardamom, clove and cinnamon.


Get rid of unsightly body hair fast and fuss-free with the help of these effective hair removal treatments.

Best Hair Removal – Waxing
XXXX Strip, $62 for 40 mins.
Strip, Tel: 6634 9330,
For something swift and hassle-free, pop by any Strip outlet. Hygiene is key here, so you’ll never have to share anything – from towels to the therapists’ gloves – and an absolute no double-dipping rule.

Best Hair Removal – IPL
IPL Brazilian, $642 for 40 mins.
Strip, Tel: 6337 8747,
Surprisingly, this treatment was practically painless. Apart from a cold gel applied, the sensation during the IPL procedure was mild and not uncomfortable.

Best Hair Removal – DPL
Power DPL Permanent Hair Removal, $260 for 120 mins.
Beaute by Kew, Tel: 6534 8255,
This laser treatment helps you get rid of unwanted body hair in a jiffy. Safe to use on anywhere from your upper lip to bikini line, you’re guaranteed safe, quick and effective results.

Text: Elizabeth Lee

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