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If the eyes are the windows to the soul, you want to take care of them with the best help you can get. Look to these to lift and firm up your eye area, and frame your face with beautifully-arched eyebrows.

Best Eye Treatment – Hydrating
DrEye Eyeglow Treatment, from $180 for 40 mins.
ClearSK, Tel: 6100 6868,
Besides making use of unipolar and bipolar radiofrequency to treat the dermal layers of skin, this treatment also uses Light & Heat Energy to rejuvenate the eye area.

Best Eye Treatment – Illuminating
Bedazzle Eye Treatment, $120 for 45 mins.
Glomax Aesthetics, Tel: 6225 5193,
Get rid of dark circles with this treatment that uses luxe ingredients like caviar and algae, as well as a vibration device to restore radiance.

Best Eye Treatment – Lifting
Total Eye Endermolift, $401.25 for 25 mins.
LPG Endermospa Singapore, Tel: 6734 6626,
Late nights causing puffy and tired-looking eyes? This anti-dark circles treatment helps to drain toxins around the eye area, lift and restore.

Best Eye Treatment – Anti-Ageing
Age-Defense Eyes Treatment, $128.40 for 45 mins.
Prive Aesthetics, Tel: 6737 0755,
Using skilful massage techniques around the pressure points, the experienced therapist soothes away lines and dullness. A warm paraffin mask is applied to relieve tiredness around the eyes.

Best Eye Treatment – Dark Circles
Eye Bags Reducing Treatment, $150 for 45 mins.
Estetica, Tel: 6285 6372,
This specialised treatment uses Tripollar RF and ultrasonic waves, as well as the powerful Estetica OptimaLift A+ to diminish eye bags and crow’s feet.

Best Brow Grooming
Browgraphy (Tweeze + Thread), $45 for 30 mins.
Browhaus, Tel: 6634 9303,
Besides the usual shaping, threading and tweezing, you’ll also get to tweak the colour of your brows to match your hair.

Best Brow Embroidery – Classic
Erabrowlogy, $1,314 for 90 mins
(4 sessions).
Erabelle, Tel: 6376 8336,
This semi-permanent brow service finds the perfect look for your features and face shape, and uses a Soft Shading technique for natural-looking brows.

Best Brow Embroidery – Natural
Natural Eyebrow, $1,380 for 90 mins.
Browtisan, Tel: 6235 2355,
Unlike unnatural-looking eyebrow tattoos, this treatment gives you bold, beautiful brows tailored to your face shape with no downtime and minimal discomfort.

Best Brow Embroidery – Korean
6V Korean Virtual Brows Embroidery, from $880 for 60 to 90 mins.
Avone Beauty Secrets, Tel: 6224 6268,
Redefine your facial features with this brow embroidery technique that has been designed to create the look of softer strokes and more natural-looking brows.

Best Semi-Permanent Eyeliner
Eye Define, $642/$856
Browhaus, Tel: 6634 9303,
Tired of having to battle with liquid liner every morning? This semi-permanent eyeliner not only saves you time, it can help to revitalise the look of tired eyes as well.

Text: Elizabeth Lee

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