Spa Awards Massages


Go ahead and let your body be rejuvenated by expert strokes and pro kneads at these pampering massages – you will bounce back with more vigour and vitality than before!

Best Aches-Busting Massage
Singapore Heritage Massage, $185 for 60 mins.
Chi The Spa, Tel: 6213 4818,
This deep tissue massage was literally one of the best we’ve had, and that’s saying a lot. Our patient therapist was quick to customise the pressure and deftly eased a chronic pain in the neck.

Best Tui Na Massage
Traditional Chinese Tui Na Massage, $180 for 60 mins.
St. Gregory Spa, Tel: 6505 5666,
Using a combination of kneading, rubbing, finger movement and palm pressing, this massage targets the body’s acupoints, encourages better circulation and even helps to boost joint mobility.

Best Aromatherapy Massage
Relaxing Aroma Body Massage, $210 for 60 mins.
Amarin Spa, Tel: 6845 1161,
Using 100 per cent natural plant essential oils from ingredients such as pistachio and almonds, this treatment is as aromatic as it is soothing and relaxing.

Best Relaxing Massage
Refreshing Relaxation Massage, $139 for 60 mins.
Pürovel Spa & Sport, Tel: 6239 1780,
Long, soothing strokes are used in this relaxing massage to aid lymphatic drainage. We also enjoyed the lovely scent of the essential oils that comprised of lavender, pine and clary sage.

Best Oriental Massage
Meridian Massage, $214 for 60 mins.
The Ultimate Penthouse Spa, Tel: 6737 3383,
Located on the 27th floor of Shaw Centre, you’ll feel nestled amongst the clouds while at this penthouse spa. The sprawling space, paranomic views and overall deft techniques of the therapists make this place a must-visit.

Best Detoxing Massage
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, $150 for 60 mins.
Revive Wellness, Tel: 6222 0061,
An imbalanced diet or unhealthy lifestyle can sometimes give rise to excessive water retention. This treatment helps with restoring your body’s lymphatic system to its natural state and flush out fluids and toxins.

Best Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage, $88.28 for 90 mins.
Healing Touch, Tel: 6786 7695,
Seated in front of your computer for too long? Target chronic aches and muscle pains with this treatment. Ideal even for sports-related strains, you’ll enjoy the deep movements and slow strokes of the massage.

Best Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage, $159.43 for 75 mins.
Amore Boutique Spa, Tel: 6733 7333,
Though the warm stones which were strategically placed along pressure points took some getting used to, it helped to relive sore spots, relax the mind and improve overall blood circulation.


Best Energising Massage
COMO Shambhala Massage, $140 for 60 mins.
COMO Shambhala Urban Escape Singapore, Tel: 6304 3552,
If we could describe this massage in one word, it would be “nurturing”. A blend of massage oils is used in this treatment to calm the mind and improve general well-being.

Best Firming Massage
Collagen Firming Body Massage, $192.60 for 60 mins.
Spa Symphony, Tel: 6636 8878,
We loved the calm atmosphere at this boutique spa, as well as the attentive masseuse. Plus, even though this massage targeted areas that required a bit more firming massages, we did not experience any pain or discomfort.

Best Insomnia-No-More Massage
Warm Jade Stone Massage, $341.33 for 90 mins.
Remede Spa, Tel: 6506 6896,
If you have trouble falling asleep, this unique jade stone massage will help to heal, balance and rejuvenate. By balancing energy flow, the body is placed in a rested and relaxed state.

Best Invigorating Massage
Meridian Gua Sha, $465.45 for 90 mins.
Spa Rael, Tel: 6732 9633,
Ancient Gua Sha techniques have been given a modern-day update in the body sculpting treatment. Besides utilising a jade roller, there’s also a focus on replenishing a deficiency of ‘qi’ in the spleen and reducing cellulite.

Best Jetlag Recovery
Executive Retreat, from $289 for 90 mins.
Spa Retreat, Tel: 6705 7860,
Harnessing both ancient techniques from the East and cutting-edge technology from the West, you’ll find a relaxing oasis to rest and decompress. If constant travelling has taken its toll, indulge in the relaxing outdoor Jacuzzi baths and enjoy an invigorating massage here.

Best Bespoke Massage
Social Spa, $1,118.15 for 180 mins.
ESPA, Tel: 6577 8880,
After being driven by a buggy to your own private villa by the sea, unwind together with your partner in the steam shower or take a dip in the infinity pool. You’ll also get to customise your own experience which can include a facial, scrub, wrap and massage.

Best Pre-Natal Massage
Baby Moon Experience, $423.72 for 45 mins and 1 night’s stay.
So Spa Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa, Tel: 6708 8358,
Set amidst a lush garden spa, enjoy a gentle pregnancy-friendly massage that will soothe those muscle aches away while your partner will get to enjoy a relaxing foot massage. The experience finishes off with a refreshing soak in a Jacuzzi.

Best Post-Baby Massage
Postnatal Massage, $192.60 for 60 mins.
Huang Ah Ma The Maternity Spa, Tel: 6536 1661,
Post-pregnancy, the body may experience strained muscles and overall tiredness. Pamper yourself with a postnatal massage that will help target sore spots, improve blood circulation and also help to eliminate excess body fluid.

Best Top-To-Toe Massage
Royal Meridian Foot and Back Therapy, $208 for 100 mins.
The Luxe House, Tel: 6479 9997,
This unique massage combines a traditional acupressure foot reflexology with light cupping and an intense head and body massage. The best part? You don’t even need to get undressed as it’s done in an open-concept room on a massage chaise longue.

Best Head/Scalp Massage
Deluxe Algae Scalp Therapy, $298 for 90 mins.
The Luxe House, Tel: 6479 9997,
Using pure sea water that is rich in oligo elements and a nutrient rich Chondrus Crispus algae formula, this treatment is great for protecting your head and hair against pollution and damaging chemical treatments.

Text: Elizabeth Lee

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