Beat The Bloat Fix
Lush Slim-Effect Detox Massage, $280 for 120 mins.
Lush Spa, Tel: 6254 9091

This treatment is administered without the use of any machines so the therapist is able to vary the pressure of the massage according to your needs. It improves lymphatic drainage to relieve water retention and aid in detoxification.

Detoxing Treatment
Nutri-H, $453 for 90 mins
Dr Haach Aesthetics, Tel: 6334 7884

Using a machine to induce passive workout on targeted zones, it’s able to improve circulation and reduce water retention. Lymphatic massage and Derma Cocoon wrap, further aids in the reduction of unwanted water weight.

Post-Natal Treatment
Proionic Wombcare with Resonance Detox Therapy, $440 for 80 mins.
Body Therapeutics, Tel: 6737 0465

Suitable as a post-pregnancy treatment, they combined the use of proionic particles, electromagnetic waves and massage techniques to improve circulation, lighten stretchmarks and sculpt the waistline.

Anti-Cellulite Treatment
X-Wave Cellulite Buster, $250 for 20 mins.
Cambridge Therapeutics, Tel: 6733 6729

The treatment utilises acoustic wave technology to increase microcirculation on the targeted areas, boosting collagen production and improving the appearance of cellulite over time.

Body Contouring – Thighs
RF Body Accenture, $480 for 60 mins.
M&G Aesthetics Body Care, Tel: 6733 6742

Using radio frequency waves, this treatment simultaneously breaks down stubborn fat from thighs, tightens skin and increase circulation for leaner-looking legs.

Body Exfoliator
Reveal – Ageless Back Peel, $208.65 for 45 mins.
Rexults Medspa, Tel: 6738 0988

Get your sexy back with this exfoliating body treatment. Glycolic acid peel gently lifts off dull surface skin to leave you looking radiant.

Body Contouring – Abdomen/Tummy
SlimLipo Body Laser Slimming Treatment, $428 for 90 mins.
Healing Touch, Tel: 6737 0147

This painless treatment uses laser technology to target fat cells, inducing them to produce water and fatty acids to be dispelled from the body as waste product.

Body-Firming Treatment
Venus Freeze Treatment, $380 for 40 mins.
Marie France Bodyline, Tel: 1800 777 7111

Unlike what its name suggests, the Venus Freeze Treatment doesn’t make use of sub-zero temperature to freeze fats; instead it utilises magnetic pulse and radio frequency to break down fats, stimulate collagen synthesis and firm up skin.

Body-Sculpting Body Wrap
Lipo-Out Extreme Fat Burn, $388 for 80 mins.
BodyPerfect, Tel: 6235 7377

A concoction of fat-burning spices are applied to target zones and wrapped to stimulate an increase in metabolic rate and the breakdown of fats.

Aromatherapy Massage
Thai Aroma Body Oil Massage, $168 for 60 mins.
Ayuthaya The Thai Royal Spa, Tel: 6233 7366

Harnessing the therapeutic powers of essential oils, the Thai Aroma Body Oil Massage soothes tired muscles and relieves stress.

Relaxing Massage
Asian Fusion Massage, $88.28 for 90 mins.
Healing Touch, Tel: 6737 0147

Tailored to each customer’s preference, this treatment utilises various massage techniques like Swedish, deep tissue, Thai and pressure point massage to relieve tension.

Deep Tissue Massage
Body massage, $120 for 60 mins.
Kenko Wellness, Tel: 6363 0303

Relax both mind and body as this full pressure body massage works to soothe tense muscles promote circulation.

Hot Stone Massage
Hot Lapis Stone Massage, $200++ for 60 mins,
The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Tel: 6337 8888

Aching muscles will find relief with the medium to full pressure from warm lapis stone. A truly relaxing experience.

Detoxing Massage
La Source Wholistic Detoxifying Massage, $138 for 60 mins.
La Source Spa, Tel: 6732 1318

The treatment focuses on lymphatic drainage to reduce water retention, detox the body and improve overall circulation.

Energising Massage
House Proud Massage, $128.40 for 60 mins
Spa Esprit, Tel: 6479 0070

An organic blend of black pepper and ginger is applied to improve circulation, while traditional Tui Na targets pressure points to boost energy flow.

Insomnia-No-More Massage
Healing Light Therapy, $380 for 75 mins.
Body Wellness Pte Ltd , Tel:6737 1577

Those who suffer from insomnia can rest easy with this massage which utilises a rare semiconductor silver crystal to aid relaxation.

Jetlag Recovery
Neroli & Orchidee Exclusive Treatment, $270++ for 90 mins.
Four Seasons Spa & L’Occitane, Tel: 6734 1110

The treatment includes a 60-minute massage to relieve fatigue from a weary traveller, followed by a 30-minute scrub to leave skin feeling smooth and radiant.

Bespoke Massage
Warm Jade Stone Massage , $290++ for 90 mins.
Remède Spa, Tel: 6506 6896

A mixture of both warm and cold jade stones are applied  to pressure points to rejuvenate the body. Used in sync with essential oils, this deeply relaxing massage leaves one feeling tranquil.

Oriental Massage
Silk Road Warrior Massage, $219 for 90 mins.
Spa Retreat & Asian Wellness Spa @ One Farrer Hotel & Spa, Tel: 6363 0101

Following a TCM consultation, a mix of acupuncture and massage therapy is applied to target fatigue and weariness.

Tui Na Massage
Supreme Signature Womb Care Therapy, $198 for 45 mins.
Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa, Tel: 6358 3029

Using products with plant-derived ingredients, this treatment focuses on dispelling ‘cold qi’ from the womb to improve hormonal issues and irregular menstrual cycles.

Top-To-Toe Massage
Imperial Body and Foot Therapy, $288++ for 120 mins.
The Luxe House, Tel: 6479 9997

Suitable for urbanites who suffer from anxiety, backache and fatigue, this treatment is a perfect getaway from daily stressors.

Head/Scalp Massage
LKJ Head Spa & Scalp Treatment, $180 for 90 mins.
LEEKAJA Beauty Salon, Tel: 6909 0504

This relaxing massage improves the circulation on the scalp while removing dead skin cells and excess sebum.

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