If your skin is looking dull and lacklustre, it may be that it is off-balance and in need of some realignment. With Sulwhasoo’s Harmonizen Regenerating Treatment, restore your skin’s synergy and nurture your complexion back to health.

This energising facial, by Korea’s No.1 luxury beauty brand, is designed to brighten and provide anti-ageing benefits, while restructuring your skin throroughly. With the Harmonizen Regenerating Cream EX, your skin will discover new life through this anti-ageing defender.

Containing traditional Korean herbal medicinal ingredients such as the exceptionally rare Salvia miltiorrhiza and Korean red and white ginseng, this premium skincare’s Dermosul technology reprocesses the ingredients into a form that is similar to your skin cells, to shield skin from pollutants and free radicals that cause ageing.

Reinvigorate your skin with the Harmonizen Regenerating Cream EX, which harnesses the power of Salvia miltiorrhiza and Korean red ginseng to restore its vitality. The Harmonizen Capsule technology restructures skin from the inside out, so every layer gets improved. At $808 (60 ml).

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A Sulwhasoo special, created by The Singapore Women’s Weekly