When your skin is exposed to the depleting effects of harsh environments and pollution, it inevitably starts to break down due to dehydration and UV damage, leaving your skin tired and dull-looking. Over time, it also starts to lose strength and elasticity, resulting in loose and saggy skin.

To stave off premature ageing and restore your skin’s natural glow, there is help on hand at DrSpa. Their Glow Mira-Lift is an exceptional facial lifting treatment that not only tightens your skin, but also offers brightening effects at the same time, to effectively restore your skin’s youthful firmness and radiance.

Developed with over 20 years of proven treatment protocol, this non-invasive liquid face lift features an efficacious combination of cutting-edge technologies and ingredients for deep cellular penetration. To stimulate collagen and cellular activity within your skin, radio frequency, gold-plated derma-chanelling and iowave technology are used, while a high concentration of potent pure hyaluronic acid works to boost moisture deep within your skin and keep it well hydrated for at least 28 days. In just one session, see dramatically lifted skin that is visibly smoother and fresher.

With DrSpa’s Glow Mira-Lift, rediscover the delights of taut, firm and supple skin that radiates youthfulness. At $888 (120 mins).

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