Body Contouring – Abdomen/Tummy (TIE)
SW1 Clinic: Exilis Body Magic, $850 for 60 mins.
Sculpt your body to perfection with the Exilis treatment device, which combines radiofrequency and ultrasound to reduce fat and tighten the skin. Using carefully controlled heat, the radiofrequency energies are delivered to approximately 1 to 3 cm under the skin, targeting fat cells and encouraging collagen production.

Spa Awards 2018: Best Body Contouring (Tummy/Abdomen (TIE)) – Exilis Body Magic by SW1 Clinic

Body Contouring – Abdomen/Tummy (TIE)
Spa Rael: VS Slender Shape, $481.50 for 45 mins.
Get rid of stubborn fat pockets with this new radiofrequency technology which delivers result with no pain. The dense energy matrix penetrates through multiple layers of skin, quickly delivering heat over a large surface.

Body Contouring – Thighs
EstheClinic: Intensive Body Perfection Body-Contouring Treatment Programme, from $320 for 60 mins.
Define your thighs with a combination of lipocavitation ultrasound therapy and thermos-controlled radiofrequency therapy. This painless treatment improves the appearance of cellulite and skin elasticity for smoother, and slimmer-looking gams.

Post-Natal Treatment
Body Wellness Pte Ltd: Jamu Royale, $380 for 75 mins.
Using traditional Jamu herbal oil, this post-natal massage improves the blood circulation and relieves tension throughout the body.

Anti-Cellulite Treatment
BottomSlim New York: Radio Frequency Plus Anti Cellulite Treatment, $178 for 90 mins.
Improve the appearance of cellulite with this radiofrequency treatment. It improves skin elasticity and stimulates collagen regeneration for smoother-looking skin.

Body-Firming Treatment (TIE)
BMF Bella Marie France: i-Laser Sculpt, $350 for 40 mins.
This laser treatment targets and breaks down fat deposits, which are then metabolised naturally by the body. Dimpled skin appears smoother with time, especially with regular exercise.

Spa Awards 2018: Best Body-Firming Treatment – i-Laser Sculpt by Bella Marie France

Body-Firming Treatment (TIE)
Simply Aesthetics: Radiofrequency Body Shaping, $300 for 40 mins.
Heat from radiofrequency waves stimulates collagen production and improves regeneration. With time, skin elasticity is also improved, giving you the appearance of firmer and smother skin.

Detoxing Treatment
The Luxe House: Immunolymphatic Care, $498 for 90 mins.
This treatment targets the lymphatic points in the body to aid in drainage and relieve water retention. Blood circulation is also improved, allowing you to feel energetic and refreshed.

Spa Awards 2018: Best Face-Shaping Treatment: Small Face Care By Yakson Singapore
Spa Awards 2018: Best Facial (Stem Cell): Radiant Glow Facial by Lavond Skincare Artistry
Spa Awards 2018: Best Brightening Facial: Future Solution LX Ultimate Brightening Treatment by Shiseido Facial Atelier


Hydrating Facial
Ensoul Medical Clinic: En-Skin Nourished Repair, $220 for 75 mins.
Targeting dull, hydrated skin, this facial delivers immediate hydration with a needleless infusion of hyaluronic acid in its most potent form. It is also combined with other active ingredients like vitamin C, to further nourish the skin and improve blood circulation.

Clarifying Facial
Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Singapore: Gentleman’s Power Facial, $179 for 60 mins.
With Gaylia Kristensen’s new state-of-the-art products that address sensitive and razor-burned skin, this unique cleansing facial helps refine the pores and hydrate the skin. The treatment ends with a signature luxury massage that covers the face, lower neck and scalp to melt away stress.

Anti-Ageing Facial
Sulwhasoo Beauty Lounge: Men’s Treatment, $120 for 80 mins.
Using the products in Sulwhasoo’s men’s line, this treatment nurtures resilience and softens the skin, improving skin texture for healthier and smoother-looking skin.

Spa Awards 2018: Best Luxurious Facial – Harmonizen Regenerating Treatment by Sulwhasoo Beauty Lounge

Massage – Sports/Deep tissue
Lush Spa: Lush Anti-Ache Warm-Stone Equestrian, $210 for 90 mins.
This intense deep tissue massage stretches out muscles and helps to relieve tight muscles and remove lactic acid, preventing muscle aches after strenuous exercise.


Outstanding Therapist Award
Auriga Spa by Capella Singapore: May Huang Chang Mei, Senior Spa Therapist.

With experienced hands and perfect bedside manner, May Huang from Auriga Spa by Capella Singapore is the embodiment of a perfect spa therapist. Her attention detail ensures that her guests enjoy the utmost comfort and relaxation, without intruding their headspace.

Spa Awards 2018: Best Firming Facial: Multivitamin Treatment by GERANIUM Skin & Hair Boutique
Spa Awards 2018: Best Clarifying Facial – SK-II Skin Clarity Facial by SK-II Boutique Spa
Spa Awards 2018: Best Eye Treatment (Anti-Ageing): NeoGEN Plasma EyeLIFT by Cambridge Therapeutics