Hydrating Facial (TIE)
FIL Skin, Body & Spa Intelligence: FIL Aqua Meso Filler Treatment, $500 for 60 mins.
Inject life into dull and damaged skin with the latest skin rejuvenation technology to help maintain skin elasticity and skin tone. With moisturising and whitening effects, this treatment can help reduce the appearance of pigmentation. 


Hydrating Facial (TIE) 
Spa Esprit: Spa Esprit Fragile Friendlier Facial, $325 for 75 mins.
Dry, flakey skin and psoriasis sufferers will benefit from this intensely moisturising facial. It hydrates deeply and restores pH balance in your skin, leaving you with smooth and supple skin.


Brightening Facial (TIE)
Shiseido Facial Studio: Shiseido Future Solution LX Ultimate Brightening, $180 for 60 mins.
Relieve dry, chapped skin that has been damaged by UV rays with this radiance-enhancing ritual. After the treatment, feel well-rested thanks to a refreshing soporific hand massage.


Spa Awards 2018: Best Aromatherapy Massage – Senses Massage by Spa by JW
Spa Awards 2018: Best Detoxing Massage – Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage By LifeSpa

Brightening Facial (TIE)
LUSH Aesthetics: Dewy Shine Skin Booster, $550 for 50 mins.
Instantly hydrate your skin with this painless and effective treatment, which uses Korean hyaluronic acid to brighten and moisturise dull skin. Skin appears refreshed and glowing after treatment.


Whitening Facial
St. Gregory Spa, Pan Pacific Singapore: Thalion Magnificent White Facial, $250 for 60 mins.
Boasting the same skin-lightening effects as kojic acid (a common ingredient in whitening products), the patented ingredient Pylawhite is extracted from a macro-seaweed, which helps brighten the complexion. Combined with vitamin C, the treatment also boosts collagen production and reduces the appearance of dark spots.


Clarifying Facial
SK-II Boutique Spa by Senze Salus: SK-II Skin Clarity Facial, $200 for 60 mins
Deeply cleanse pores and purify skin with this facial for a healthy and clear complexion. Using products with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, this treatment promotes healing and reduces skin redness.


Calming Facial
The Spa by The Ultimate: Tremella Soothing Face Spa, $267.50 for 75 mins
The star ingredient of this facial, Tremella, contains anti-ageing properties which help suppress pre-oxidation of cells, enhance the growth of elastin cells and prevent the degradation of micro-blood vessels in the skin. It also forms a natural hydration film on the skin, letting your skin regain its optimum level of hydration.


Anti-Pigmentation Facial
Mizu Aesthetic Clinic: Mizu Laser Facial, $225 for 35 mins
Combining the technology of lasers and Hydrafacial Vortex Infusion, this treatment is a safe and quick way to reduce pigmentation problems while keeping skin hydrated and supple.


Blemish-Free Facial
IDS Aesthetics: Hydro Therapeutics Treatment, $198 for 60 mins
This four-step treatment helps to visibly brighten and hydrate skin in just an hour. Comprising of a HydraFacial, ultrasonic cleansing, Iontophoresis and IDS Clinic’s proprietary masks, the treatments leaves skin feeling thoroughly cleansed and radiant.  


Oil-Control Facial
IDS Aesthetics: Advanced Acne Treatment Plus, $250 for 60 mins
Crack down on pesky pimples with this clarifying facial treatment. Using their range of award-winning skincare products, skin is cleansed without stripping its essential moisture.


Pore-Refining Facial
Porcelain Face Spa: Cryotherapy Intensive (For Balancing), $425.86 for 75 mins
Using a device with a surface temperature of -15 C, this treatment simultaneously aids product penetration and renergises skin. Skin redness is reduced, and overall glow is also improved.


Anti-Ageing Facial
Espace Beauté Chanel: Le Lift Smoothing Sculpting Treatment, $200 for 75 mins.
Regain density and suppleness in your skin with lifting massages combined with stimulating pressure. The sculpting massage helps soften facial features and promotes circulation for a lifted appearance.


Line-Reducing Facial
RN Spa: Hyaluronic Face Spa, $297.50 for 90 mins. (Hyaluronic Facial?)
Using an advanced concentrated hyaluronic acid formula, enriched with anti-ageing oligopeptides and vitamins, this treatment imparts long-lasting moisture to the skin.


Spa Awards 2018: Best Aromatherapy Massage – Senses Massage by Spa by JW
Spa Awards 2018: Best Detoxing Massage – Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage By LifeSpa

Firming Facial
GERANIUM Skin & Hair Boutique: Multivitamin Firming Treatment, $480 for 60 mins.
Rich in vitamins A, B, C, D and E, this facial treatment enhances skin elasticity and improves cell regeneration for skin that is more resilient to stress and pollutants.

Slimming Facial
Cambridge Therapeutics: SygmaLift Double Chin & Neck, $600 for 45 mins.
Combining multi-polar radio frequency with magnetic pulses that target stubborn fat pockets, this non-invasive treatment focuses on defining the facial contours around the chin and neck area, while improving skin laxity.


Lifting Facial
Dr Spa: Lift, $888 for 120 mins.
Developed to invigorate skin, fats and muscle tissue at a cellular level, this treatment firms the visage and improves skin plumpness with the help of radiofrequency technology.


Tightening Facial
Atlas Medical Clinic: Atlas Korean Luminous Lift, $598 for 90 mins.
This refreshing treatment uses a unique Korean lab-researched, medical grade customised serum to tighten sagging skin, giving you a visible lifting effect.


Detoxing Facial
Aesop: Detox Anew, $150 for 60 mins.
Congested pores and surface impurities don’t stand a chance with this purifying treatment. Combining plant actives with relaxing massage techniques, fatigued skin appears refreshed and radiant.


Luxurious Facial
Sulwhasoo Beauty Lounge: Harmonizen Regenerating Treatment, $340 for 80 mins.
Bring back bounce to your skin with this regenerating treatment. Using the luxurious Sulwhasoo Harmonizen Regenerating Cream EX, skin is treated to a blend of potent herbs as they are massaged into the face with an obsidian applicator.  


Organic Facial
Pure Tincture: Josh Rosebrook Advanced Hydrating Organic Facial, $200 for 90 mins.
This innovative treatment is designed to replenish and retain maximum skin cell hydration, elevating skin appearance, vitality and function. It improves skin cells’ natural ability to hold moisture and encourage self-healing, leaving you with luminous, healthy skin.


Power Lunch Facial
Atlas Medispa: Atlas Korean Oxy-Revitalizer, $368 for 45 mins.
Say goodbye to dead skin cells and welcome bright, healthy skin with this oxygenated therapy. Infused with over 28 types of organic botanical peptides, the oxygen infusion helps you achieve a naturally dewy look while purifying clogged pores.


Pre-Party Facial
Mirage Aesthetic: BB Covered Foundation Treatment, $680 for 90 mins.
Achieve a flawless complexion with natural products combined with latest technology from Korea. After cleansing, an ampoule and BB cream is applied with the help of micro-needling, to leave you with flawless-looking skin.


Facial – Gua Sha

Healing Touch: Bio Imperial Guasha Treatment, $256.90 for 90 mins.
Guasha works on the facial muscles for a rejuvenating facelift, while the Bio-mask treatment further enhances it by firming up the muscles and refining pores. With up to three different serums to target specific skin concerns, this facial will have you feeling re-energised and looking youthful.


Spa Awards 2018: Best Aromatherapy Massage – Senses Massage by Spa by JW
Spa Awards 2018: Best Detoxing Massage – Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage By LifeSpa

Facial – Radio Frequency (RF)
Kew Organics: Q10 RF Organic Facial, $330 for 120 mins.
Radiofrequency technology helps to tighten and firm up sun-damaged and ageing skin without pain and discomfort. Using only the freshest natural and vegan skincare products, skin feels invigorated and refreshed.


Facial – Light Therapy (LED/IPL)
Shiro Aesthetic Clinic: Glow & Rejuv Treatment, $180 for 65 mins.
Using a combination of potent ingredients and the latest IPL machines, this treatment is a painless way of achieving a hydrated and brightened complexion.


Facial – Stem Cell
Lavond Skincare Artistry: Radiant Glow Facial, $280 for 90 mins.
Botanical stems cells used in this treatment stimulate skin cell renewal and collagen production, to help you achieve firm and plump skin.


Facial – Ultrasound
The Clifford Clinic: HIFU SygmaLift, $1,200 for 90 mins.
Using the most advanced high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), Sygmalift uses ultrasound waves to reach deep into the dermis to stimulate collagen production, which will improve over the next few months following the treatment.


Non-Invasive Facelift (TIE)
Mizu Aesthetic Clinic: Ultraformer HIFU Non-Surgical Facelift, from $1,400 for 60 mins.
Lift the skin around the face and neck to achieve a V-shape jawline while toning skin with this non-surgical facelift. Targeting depths of up to 4.5mm in the skin, the ultrasound waves stimulate collagen production and skin tightening for a contoured visage.


Non-Invasive Facelift (TIE)
DrSpa: Glow Mira-Lift, $1,288 for 120 mins.
This non-invasive liquid facelift aims to stimulate collagen remodeling and cellular activity, resulting in long-lasting anti-aging effects. Using a combination of radio frequency, derma-channelling and ion wave technology, skin appears visibly lifted and plump after treatment.  


Spa Awards 2018: Best Aromatherapy Massage – Senses Massage by Spa by JW
Spa Awards 2018: Best Detoxing Massage – Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage By LifeSpa

Oxygenating Treatment
Vedure Face, Body & Nail MediSpa: OxyIntense Hydrating Facial, $318.86 for 75 mins.
Hyperbaric oxygen is used to hydrate the skin, leaving it smoother and brighter. The airbrush infuses skin with oxygen while soothing redness and sensitivity.  


Face-Shaping Treatment
Yakson Singapore: Small Face Care, $258 for 90 mins.
This treatment uses traditional Korean Golki massage on specific pressure points, to help you achieve a contoured visage without the need for surgery.  


All-In-One Facial
Radium Medical Aesthetics: Radium Radiance Signature, $568 for 140 mins.
Treat your skin to a luxurious facial with this all-in-one treatment that deeply cleanses, tightens and protects the skin from environmental damage.