Semi-Permanent Eyeliner
BROWHAUS: Big Eye Eye Define – Upper, $856 for 90 minutes
A semi-permanent makeup solution that helps achieve the appearance of bigger, rounder peepers, this hassle-free procedure defines your eye without having to fumble over eyeliner pencils in the morning.

Lash Lift
BROWHAUS: Lash Curl Up, $75 for 75 minutes
Forget wrangling your eyelashes into curls that won’t last past midday – this no-heat treatment lifts lashes into a semi-permanent curl that helps to open up and brighten the eyes.

Eye Treatment – Lifting
Moyem Medical Aesthetics: Exilis Skin Gym, $420 per area for 60 minutes
A power workout for the peepers, Exilis Skin Gym utilises medical-grade radio frequency and ultrasound energy alongside a customised cocktail of skin-boosting ingredients to help rebuild youthful skin density, lift tired eyes and supercharge resilience against wrinkles.

Eye Treatment – Hydrating
111SKIN: Sub Zero De-Puffing Eye Treatment, $88 for 30 minutes
This treatment harnesses the highly restorative benefits of Cryotherapy to nourish the under-eye area, while de-puffing and brightening the peepers for a less fatigued appearance.

Eye Treatment – Illuminating
Clarins Skin Spa: Smooth & Luminous Eyes, $85 for 30 minutes
Perk up the windows to your soul with this anti-ageing treatment designed to rejuvenate and enhance the beauty of your
eyes within half-an-hour.

Get A Pair Of Beautiful, Natural-Looking Arches With This Brow Embroidery
Brow Queen Anastasia Soare Shares Her Secrets To Flawless Arches

Eye Treatment – Anti-Ageing
Expressions: L’or Ageless Eye Treatment, $380 for 60 minutes
Designed to counter and treat signs of ageing, this treatment uses high-performance ingredients in tandem with advanced radio frequency energy to stimulate collagen and elastin growth for strengthened skin texture and laxity. It also detoxifies and soothes inflammation to alleviate dark eye circles and puffiness.

Brow Embroidery – Classic
La Vida: La Vida Eyebrow Embroidery, $203.30 for 90 minutes
Have perfect brows all day, every day with the help of eyebrow embroidery specialists who can customise the best arches for your features.

Brow Embroidery – Natural
Brow Art Asia: Brow Naturale, from $498 for 120 minutes
Accentuate your natural beauty with a full set of brows shaped and designed by the experts at Brow Art Asia. Say goodbye to the daily hassle of filling in your brows daily!

Eyelash Extension – Natural
Brow Art Asia: Eyelash Extensions, $128 for 60 minutes
Ditch the mascara for a gorgeous set of eyelash extensions. Each semi-permanent eyelash is attached to your individual lashes for a full, yet natural effect.

Eyelash Extension – Volume
Nailz Treats: Miracle Flutters Eyelash Extension, $222.55 for 120 minutes
At 0.7 mm, these C-curl extensions get you the va va voom lashes of your dreams without weighing down your peepers.

Brow Embroidery – Korean
Avone Beauty: 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery, $1,480 for 90 minutes
This procedure steers away from conventional micro-blading by administering colour pigments without puncturing the skin. It results in pain-free, natural-looking brows that require no downtime.

Brow Grooming
The Brow Gal: Brow Shaping with Tweeze, $22 for 30 minutes
Need help conquering unruly brows? The experts at The Brow Gal will shape and tweeze their way to perfect arches in 30 minutes flat.

Gel Manicure & Pedicure
Nail Palace: Brightening Manicure & Pedicure, $338.12 for 85 minutes
Indulge in next-level pampering for your hands and feet. Beyond the usual trimmings of a classic mani and pedi session, this package brings on full foundational care with exfoliating scrubs, a brightening mask and light massage for that hand and foot glow-up.

All-In-One Foot Treatment
Nail Palace: Sole Renewal Treatment, $299.60 for 60 minutes
Give your feet the TLC it deserves! This all-in-one restorative treatment eliminates hardened skin
and calluses, following with
a massage to soften and nourish the feet.

Classic Manicure & Pedicure
Nailz Treats: Classic Pedicure, $44.95 for 60 minutes
Treat your tired feet to a classic pedicure treatment that includes a soothing Jacuzzi feet soak, exfoliation to slough away dead skin cells, and a relaxing foot massage.

Get A Pair Of Beautiful, Natural-Looking Arches With This Brow Embroidery
Get Gorgeous, Natural-Looking Eyebrows Without Painful Tweezing
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