Hot Stone Massage
The Ritz-Carlton Spa: Hot Lapis Stone Massage, from $235.40 for 60 minutes
A rejuvenating massage that uses warm lapis stones to deliver intense relief for tired and aching muscles, you will emerge feeling deeply relaxed.

Oriental Massage
LifeSpa: Eastern Meridian Point Massage, $278.20 for 60 minutes
Developed with the concept of the meridian network, this traditional massage targets vital meridian points to release blockages and improve blood circulation. It also helps to alleviate tensions and reset
the body.

Deep Tissue Massage
Spa Symphony: Elements Ginseng Meridian Therapy, $425 for 60 minutes
Unlike conventional massage treatments, the Elements Ginseng Meridian Therapy uses an active release technique to provide deeper tension release, restore injured muscles and improve energy levels.

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Insomnia-No-More Massage
Estheva Spa: Peace & Relaxation Equilibrium Massage, $173.34 for 75 minutes
Here’s your ticket to well-rested sleep. The calming treatment utilises an innovative fusion of traditional and modern massage therapies alongside calming essential oils for a fully restorative and healing effect.

Aches-Busting Massage
Spa Esprit: Triple Muscle Blast, $235.40 for 90 minutes
Serving up a triple dose of bliss, this treatment involves an intense deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy and a warm mudpack to soothe worn-out muscles and get rid of stubborn knots.

Aromatherapy Massage
Aramsa Spa: Aroma Rich, $180 for 60 minutes
Harnessing the soothing power of aromatherapy, this package uses an aromatic blend of natural botanicals and classic massage techniques to improve blood circulation, relieve tension and balance the mind and body.

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Jet Lag Recovery
Spa by JW: Jet Lag Cure, $258.94 for 80 minutes
Designed to alleviate symptoms of travel fatigue, the reinvigorating session is amplified by soothing  essential oils for quick recovery and recharge.

Top-to-Toe Massage
Feet Haven: Shiok Full Body Massage, $68 for 60 minutes
During this full-body massage treatment, experienced masseurs will knead their way through stubborn kinks and knots to melt away muscle aches and built-up tension.

Detoxing Massage
Healing Touch: Detoxing Abdominal Organ Massage, $150 for 90 minutes
A centuries-old healing therapy that focuses on systemic deep abdominal massage, the treatment addresses visceral imbalances within the body to detoxify, improve digestion and stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems for better physical and mental well-being.

Relaxing Massage
The Fullerton Spa: The Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience, $282.50 for 90 minutes
An immersive, aromatherapy-led massage experience, the treatment uses your preferred aroma oil along with a fusion of Eastern and Western techniques to release tension, allowing deep relaxation and recharging.

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Head/Scalp Massage
Ayuthaya The Royal Thai Spa: Anti Stress Massage, $147 for 45 minutes
Sore from sitting at a desk all day? Pop in for a quick but effective massage that uses gentle acupressure to relieve stress-related tension from your neck and shoulders.

Firming Massage
Lush Spa: Lush Anti-Aging Body, $215 for 110 minutes
Starting off with a soothing foot bath, this anti-ageing massage helps regain a visibly younger and toned silhouette with a combination of deep kneading and lymphatic drainage massage techniques.

Pre-Natal Massage
Aramsa Spa: Elemis Peaceful Pregnancy Massage, $168 for 90 minutes
The perfect indulgence for mothers-to-be, pregnancy tensions are carefully massaged away with aromatic oils to not just elevate energy levels, but also help restore soft, supple skin.

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