award-winning facials to help rejuvenate the skin from The Singapore Women's Weekly Spa Awards 2020

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In your 20s, you may find that facials are more hype than help. However, as we get older, they are no longer just a nice-to-have. They are essential to help you maintain youthful-looking, healthy skin.

A professional treatment offers your skin comfort and gives it a “reset” after it has been exposed to daily aggressors like the sun’s ultraviolet rays, air pollution and air-conditioned surroundings.

Apart from relaxation, a visit to the facialist is like having a monthly skin check to make sure you’re taking proper care of your skin. You can get a facial done once per month – unless recommended by your dermatologist.

Not all facials are made equal. Some are ultra pampering with deeply relaxing facial massages, while others come with gentle chemical peels and LED technology.

And depending on your skin type and needs, there are facials that help to deeply cleanse, brighten, firm up, repair, rejuvenate and/or hydrate the skin for healthier skin.

To help you make smart choices, this year’s spa awards feature 22 award-winning facial treatments to give you healthy skin. And these have been tried, tested and trusted by The Singapore Women’s Weekly team.

Best All-in-one Facial

SK-II Boutique Spa by Senze Salus: Senze Vitality Facial, $348 for 90 minutes
Unblock your skin’s energy pathways for greater cellular vitality and clarity. Utilising a microcrystalline rock tool and certified organic essential oils, this facial stimulates facial acu-points, enhancing microcirculation and boosting the absorption of skin-loving nutrients.

Best Brightening Facial

Erabelle: Japanese Sake Facial, $278.20 for 90 minutes
Lift the look of fatigue and remove skin dullness with this 12-step facial. Premium sake enriched with kojic acid and natural enzymes is infused into customised masks, while cold and hot compresses soften the skin and enhance radiance.

Best Whitening Facial

The Ultimate: YR Luminous Pearl Face Spa, $350 for 90 minutes
Get your glow on with pearl extracts and botanical ingredients. This boosts moisture levels, and fights free radical damage to leave skin looking youthful.

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Best Clarifying Facial

Cutis Medical Laser Clinics: Hydra-Clarifying Facial, $195 for 90 minutes
Harnessing hydra vacuum technology, this facial boosts lymphatic drainage and removes dead skin cells to purify the skin and boost circulation. It also infuses the skin with moisture, oxygen and skincare serums, while helping to alleviate the look of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and under-eye dark circles.

Best Calming Facial

Porcelain: Sun Rescue Facial Treatment, $298.55 for 60 minutes
Soothe and repair sunburnt skin with Korean medi-technology and oxygen therapy. This facial boosts microcirculation and the skin’s natural healing response, dousing it with oxygen, moisture and antioxidants for total skin rejuvenation.

Best Blemish-Free Facial

Caring Skin: Plantomer Soothing Treatment, $318.86 for 90 minutes
This gentle plant-based facial helps to treat acne and decongest clogged pores with an enzyme peel and skilful extraction. It helps to calm the skin with moisture-rich seaweed extract, as well as propolis that’s rich in antibiotics and vitamin A.

Best Oil-Control Facial

Radium Medical Aesthetics: Radium Rescue Me Sonic, $233.25 for 65 minutes
Give your skin a deep yet gentle cleanse, while treating blemishes. Debris and impurities are dislodged with ultrasonic vibrations, while LED Blue Acne Clear Therapy eliminates acne bacteria to prevent breakouts. Problem areas are spot-treated and soothed. And an acne-soothing mask is applied to help ensure acne-free skin.

Best Pore-Refining Facial

My Cozy Room Boutique Spa: Premium Pore Extraction Facial, $188 for 90 minutes
Clear blackheads, and restore skin to its perfect balance with a facial tailored to its needs. You also get to pick from a choice of a 15-minute crystal eye massage, anti-ageing facial massage, or stress-relieving head and shoulder rub!

Best Anti-Ageing Facial

The Aesthetics Medical Clinic: 3-in-1 Collagen Laser With Stem Cell Serum Infusion, $688 for 60 minutes
Target premature skin ageing signs such as fine lines, pigmentation and enlarged pores with two lasers, Tribeam and ECO2. Then, jumpstart the skin’s regeneration process with a stem cell serum derived from the umbilical cord of deer.

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Best Lifting Facial

[It’s a TIE!]

IDS Aesthetics: Oxy V-Lift, $300 for 50 minutes
This high-tech treatment exfoliates skin with dermabrasion, infuses it with concentrated vitamin actives, and enhances penetration with high voltage pulses. Facial muscles get a workout with bipolar micro-current for a taut and lifted V-shaped face.

Porcelain: Arctic Tone Facial Treatment, $425.86 for 90 minutes
Chill your way to glorious skin – this treatment lowers skin’s temperature to -15 C, slathers it with customised serums and ampoules, and tones your skin with cutting-edge aesthetic technology for energised, firmer and brighter skin.

Best Smoothing Facial

Kosme Aesthetics: Fractional FX Skin Resurfacing, $500 for 60 minutes
Refine and revitalise your skin with minimal discomfort. This non-invasive radio-frequency treatment not only treats acne, acne scars and pores, it also helps to smoothen out the look of wrinkles, tighten skin, repair sun damage.

Best Detoxing Facial

Thann Singapore: Thann Ultimate Detoxifying Facial, $150 for 70 minutes
Packed full of powerful botanical extracts such as rice bran, green tea, algae extracts, oatmeal and mineral water from Tahiti and the Alps, this facial purifies the skin, treats blemishes, regulates sebum production and calms inflammation to boost skin rejuvenation.

Best Luxurious Facial

Epion Aesthetics: Multi-Nutrient Glow, $300 for 90 minutes
Luxuriate on your spa bed as an advanced aesthetic technology helps to tighten, rejuvenate and illuminate your skin. Dull surface cells are lifted with ultrasonic technology, and your skin is infused with brightening extracts, retinol and vitamin C for youthful radiance.


Best Power Lunch Facial

Epion Clinic: Power Hour, $225 for 60 minutes
Remove dead skin cells and enhance cellular rejuvenation with a trio comprising a gentle chemical peel, an aqua jet peel, and ultrasonic technology. Skin is doused with a powerful serum and a vitamin therapy mask for soft luminosity sans makeup.

Best Facial Microdermabrasion

Caring Skin: Hydrogen Duo, $374.50 for 75 minutes
This balancing face treatment works to purify the skin, and reduce clogged pores and blackheads with hydrogen, plasma ions, AHA and BHA. Cryo Meso Therapy enhances the penetration of brightening and moisturising ingredients for lustrous, clear and dewy looking skin.

Best Radio Frequency (RF) Facial

Shens Aesthetics: Indiba Proionic V-Face Therapy, $350 for 60 minutes
After deep cleansing, exfoliation and detoxification with gentle exfoliating acids and vortex technology, lifting actives are delivered deep into the skin through a patented Proionic Radio Frequency Technology to help tighten collagen fibres and accelerate cellular regeneration for healthy skin.

Best Non-Invasive Facelift

Lush Aesthetics: Needleless PDO Threadlift, $280 for 60 minutes Featuring the latest Korea Transfer Double Nanosphere (TDN) technology, this non-invasive treatment sends skin-rejuvenating ingredients and antioxidants into the skin’s intercellular pathway to enhance collagen production for firmer, brighter skin.

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Best Bespoke Facial

The Ritz-Carlton Spa: ESPA Signature Facial, $350++ for 90 minutes
Aside from the regular cleanse, mask and treat, this indulgent treatment comes with a pampering face massage. An essential oil blend of your choice is combined with botanical and marine extracts, and kneaded into the skin. With enhanced microcirculation, skin feels more toned and looks more radiant.

Best Firming Facial

The Spa by the Ultimate: YR Golden Line Face Spa, $350 for 90 minutes
Give lacklustre skin the royal treatment with 23-karat gold, silk proteins and marine collagen. This sweeps off free radicals and plump up the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and also leaves skin more radiant.

Best Hydrating Facial

Freia Aesthetics: Ocean Breeze Facial, $260 for 90 minutes
Douse dehydrated skin with an ocean of moisture. This skin-replenishing treatment infuses each cell with marine algae, plasma extracts, and nourishing minerals from the ocean. Post-treatment, skin feels plump and moist, and makeup glides on with a glass-like effect.


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Best Oxygenating Facial

Novu Aesthetics: HydroCleanse, $68 for 10 minutes
Think of this as CPR for dull, tired, dehydrated, and clogged skin. This gentle detoxifying treatment uses vortex technology and hydrogenised water to remove dead skin cells, impurities and free radicals for refined pores, greater clarity and a dewy glow.

Best Hydrating Facial For Men

Haach: Aqua Porcelain Facial, $381 for 95 minutes
Weary looking, dull skin will benefit from an energising boost of hydration. Featuring sonophoresis, a technology that uses ultrasound vibrations to disrupt the skin barrier for better absorption of hydrating ingredients, this treatment replenishes skin’s moisture reservoir for healthy skin.

Text: Annie Tan, Additional Reporting: Simone Wu