Body treatments that work to firm and tone up different parts of your body are not miracle workers. They work hand in hand with regular exercise (don’t like to move? read this) and a sensible diet to help you keep trim and fit.

To lend you a helping hand, here are eight body treatments that have come out tops in this year’s Spa Awards. Above all, these body treatments are options for you to explore and try to help you achieve what you want for your own body. Whether you are looking for a treatment to reduce the look of cellulite, freeze fat cells or firm up saggy skin due to ageing, weight loss or childbirth, we’ve got you covered.

Best Anti-Cellulite Treatment

Cambridge Therapeutics: Onda Coolwaves, $400 for 15 minutes, per grid of 15 cm by 15cm
This comfortable, anti-cellulite body treatment uses special microwaves to reduce fat cells. In addition, it simultaneously cools the skin to protect the surrounding skin. By tightening skin and boosting collagen production, it also helps to reduce the orange-peel appearance of cellulite.

Best Detoxing Treatment Hot Stone Spa, $145 for 45 minutes, with spa admission
Bliss out on a therapeutic hot stone bed as a Far Infrared Ray Technology warms up the body, which, therefore, improve blood circulation and encourage the expelling of toxins through perspiration.

Best Body Contouring Treatment – Thighs

Lush Aesthetics: Fat Freeze 360, from $388 for 60 minutes
Eliminate stubborn fat from the thighs with this FDA-approved, non-invasive technology. In this treatment, a 360-applicator is used to help destroy up to 40 per cent of fatty tissue, boosting your body’s metabolism for optimal contouring results.

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These winning body treatments are options for you to explore and try to help you achieve what you want for your own body. / Photo: 123RF

Best Post-Natal Treatment

House Of Traditional Javanese: Post-natal Massage, $137 for 90 minutes
A Javanese tradition, this restorative post-natal body massage helps to lift and shrink the uterus. On top of that, it also boosts circulation, reduces post-partum water retention, relaxes sore muscles, and revitalises sleep-deprived new mummies.

Best Body-Sculpting Body Wrap

Radium Medical Aesthetics: Tummy Sculpting Program, $3,304.15
This programme combines three body-contouring procedures: Firstly, Fat Freeze to freeze fat tissues to the temperature range of -5 C to 5 C to break them down. Secondly, the painless Shockwave Therapy helps to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. And lastly, TriLipo is an ultra-comfortable treatment that works to increase fat metabolism, tighten the skin with radiofrequency energy and boost internal muscle contraction.

Best Body Contouring Treatment – Abdomen/Tummy

[It’s a TIE!]

Icon Aesthetics: 360 Freeze, $598 for 90 minutes
Say goodbye to muffin tops with this KFDA-approved body treatment that freezes away unwanted fat cells. This latest 360-applicator promises to target up to 40 per cent of fat cells within a single session for a shapelier waistline.

Calvin Chan Aesthetic & Laser Clinic: Laser Body Shaper, $250 for 60 minutes
The Slim i-Lipo technology emits low levels of laser energy that signals the body to break down stubborn fatty deposits at your waist. Aside from figure-enhancing benefits, it also revs up lymphatic drainage, blood circulation, and skin cell renewal.

Best Body-Firming Treatment

A.M. Aesthetics: A.M Exilis Ultra 360 Body, $380 for 30 minutes
This treatment destroys fat cells using radiofrequency and ultrasound technology. Heating skin to a comfortable temperature of between 41 C and 43 C, this body treatment also stimulates collagen production and the remodelling of elastin for a tightening effect.

Text: Annie Tan, Additional Reporting: Simone Wu