A woman, winks, hand on sunglasses, with groomed brows, lashes and nails, for a spa awards feature for The Singapore Women's Weekly.

Unless you have been rather stringent with at-home grooming routines, being cooped up at home means your fingers and toes are likely covered with hard skin and overgrown cuticles, and your brows might look messy or a tad ungroomed, and your lashes, thin and dull.

Kickstart your grooming routine with one, or a few, of these award-winning grooming services and treatments in this year’s Spa Awards feature.

Grooming Services: Eyes & Brows

Best Eye Treatment – Lifting

Browhaus: Plasma Lift, $600 for 60 minutes
This eye-opening treatment delivers pulses of energy using a plasma jet into the skin around the eyes to tighten and lift the delicate skin, enhancing the absorption of skincare ingredients and smoothening out fine lines.


Best Eye Treatment – Dark Circles

Fresver Beauty: Tribo Biogenic Eye, $268 for 60 minutes
The ancient Chinese technique of guasha targets meridian lines around the eyes, blood circulation and energy flow to reduce the look of puffiness, eye bags and dark circles, and boost skin radiance. Skin hydration is also boosted with advanced bio-ionic therapy to reduce the look of fine lines and crow’s feet.


An Asian woman with groomed brows, lashes and nails, for a spa awards feature for The Singapore Women's Weekly.
Keep your brows, lashes and nails groomed, and you don’t have to use a lot of makeup to look polished./PHOTO: 123RF

Best Brow Grooming

Browhaus: Brow Shaping – Thread & Tweeze, $25 for 15 minutes
Shape and tidy up your pair in a jiffy. A thread is rolled over to remove ultra- fine, unwanted hair by the follicles. Stray hairs are then skilfully tweezed to create the perfect face-framers.


Best Brow Embroidery – Classic

Browhaus: Brow Resurrection – Classic, $1,200 for 90 minutes
Nail your ideal brow shape and colour effortlessly. This semi-permanent brow embroidery treatment uses the finest multi-pins and 100 per cent vegetable-based dyes to create hair strands that look so natural and life-like, others will be hard-pressed to tell the difference.


Best Brow Embroidery – Natural

Erabelle: Erabrowlogy, $1,314 for four sessions of 90 minutes each
From design to colour, this bespoke treatment breathes new life into sparse, dull brows, and frames your face and eyes. Mineral and organic micro-pigments are applied using a soft-shading technique and a German-made micro-pen for an elegant finish.


Brow Embroidery – Korean

Dr. Lash: Browcraft – Powdered Brow, $588 for 150 minutes
Ditch your eyebrow palette for this time-saving and fuss-free alternative. Tapping into advanced brow technology, this treatment creates a soft, powdered brow look that complements your best assets, complexion and hair colour.


Best Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

Browhaus: Eye Define – Upper, $856 for 90 minutes
Half your makeup time and ease the morning rush. By etching the skin surface with a single-needle machine and depositing vegetable dye, this treatment creates a semi-permanent eyeliner effect that perks up eyes, and can last for up to three to five years.


Best Eyelash Extension – Natural

Dreamlash Korea: Korean Classic Eyelash Extensions, from $118 for 90 minutes
Want to give your blinkers more oomph without looking too “made- up”? This natural lash extension is done lash by lash for a softer finish. It allows you to choose from silky, dark or matte lashes for different effects, and adjust the thickness, curl and length.


An Asian woman with groomed brows, lashes and nails, for a spa awards feature for The Singapore Women's Weekly.
Semi-permanent grooming services help you save time in the mornings./PHOTO: 123RF

Best Eyelash Extension – Volume

Dr. Lash: Avant Garde, $288 for 120 minutes
This lash extension treatment creates fluffy lashes with handmade fans of up to 20 lashes that are not too heavy and won’t weigh down your eyelids. The lash technician uses different lash lengths to enhance your eye shape. You’ll find the session relaxing, and that the lash glue doesn’t irritate the eyes. With adequate care, these lashes can last up to six weeks.


Grooming Services: Hair Removal

Best Hair Removal – Waxing

Strip: Brazilian Waxing, $62 for 40 minutes
Tame the fluff for your favourite swimwear or lingerie. After your
choice of the Berry Chocolate Wax or Strawberry Virgin Wax is spread over the skin, a cloth strip is pressed on top and ripped off to remove hair from the pubic region in one quick and fuss-free session.


Best Hair Removal – IPL

Strip: Brazilian AFT, $2,250 for six sessions of 50 minutes each
This semi-permanent hair reduction treatment sends filtered light energy to weaken hair follicles and reduce growth. Unlike regular IPL treatments that may sting a little, this treatment emits energy gradually and feels as relaxing as a hot stone massage.


Grooming Services: Hands, Feet & Nails

Best Classic Manicure & Pedicure

Nail Palace: Classic Manicure & Pedicure, $72.75 for 90 minutes
Give your hands and feet some TLC. Kick back and relax, while highly experienced manicurists trim, shape, and buff your nails before filing it with a glossy splash of colour. A light massage adds the perfect finishing touch to the nail care treatments.


Best Gel Manicure

Nail Palace: Classic Gel Manicure, $81.30 for 45 minutes
Get the perfect ten. After the regular trimming and buffing, your manicurist applies a coat of gelish polish and sets in it UV light so that it stays put even when you’re working out or doing heavy-duty chores. Bonus points for the Nail Palace’s lovely range of nail colours.


A relaxing foot soak softens hardened cuticles and skin, and preps for your pedicure. /PHOTO: 123RF

Best Brightening Manicure & Pedicure

Nail Palace: Brightening Manicure & Pedicure, $222.56 for 110 minutes
This pampering hand and foot spa treatment begins with exfoliation, a mask and wrap to lift off dead skin cells, and infuses skin with brightening and anti-ageing ingredients. Your hands and feet are then treated to a classic manicure and pedicure.


Best Foot Reflexology

G.spa: G Reflex, $130 for 60 minutes, inclusive of spa admission
Treat weary soles to a detoxifying and energising pressure-point massage. This foot reflexology treatment eliminates blockages in the feet and enhances the flow of energy within the body. The session also includes access to the hot and cold pools, sauna and dining facilities.


Best All-In-One Foot Treatment

Nail Palace: Sole Renewal Treatment, $415.15 for 60 minutes
Rescue dehydrated, cracked or calloused feet. This foot-care treatment loosens dead skin cells and softens calluses for noticeably softer, smoother, and brighter skin. This allows rejuvenating ingredients to penetrate better for intense rehydration and repair to leave you with softer, smoother skin.


Text: Annie Tan, Additional Reporting: Simone Wu