SWW Spa Awards 2017  + Follicle

SWW Spa Awards 2017 - Follicle

Meso Scalp Remedy by Follicle

The stress brought about by our hectic lifestyles can easily lead to hair and scalp problems; fortunately for us, renowned medical-spa group Cambridge Therapeutics has established a hair salon offering complete solutions from hair styling, to treating hair loss and improving scalp health. The Meso Scalp Remedy treatment by Follicle is crafted to enrich scalp and boost hair growth, leading to a fuller, healthier head of hair. This treatment begins with a complete hair diagnosis; a thorough cleansing then removes residual hair products and dead skin cells to unclog follicles.

This is followed by an Anion Shampoo Bubbly Wash to relieve tension and improve blood circulation in the scalp, and a carefully formulated blend of essential nutrients is subsequently superficially needled into the scalp through the cutting-edge meso-therapy. The treatment ends with an LED light to sanitise the scalp, and a mist bath further seals in all the benefits to give you fuller, healthier hair. At $350 (90 mins).

Target hair problems at its roots

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Pinpoint the root of your hair issues with Follicle’s Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. Using Korean know-how, this unique laboratory test analyses your hair for toxic elements and mineral deficiencies so that the correct treatment can be prescribed. At $280.

Follicle is located at #08-03 Tower B Ngee Ann City, Tel: 6235 8088

Website: www.follicle.com.sg