Quintessential Facial by Porcelain 

Troubled by stubborn spots and clogged pores? The all-time favourite, Quintessential facial includes an extensive extraction to improve congested skin, and clarify your complexion. This facial uses a traditional extraction method performed by trained therapists, who undergo a minimum of 500 training hours, to gently and carefully remove skin impurities. Taking the idea of bespoke to a whole new level, Quintessential utilises premium ampoules, serums, and intensive masks, along with a selection of up to 10 equipment, including LED, Cryopobe and Oxygen spray for maximum efficacy when soothing, balancing and nourishing your skin. Complexion is visibly brighter, firmer, with reduced pigmentation and redness after treatment.At $374.50 (120 mins).

Hydrate Parched Skin

Soothe Deep Hydrating Lotion
A lightweight lotion containing Damascena Rose extracts for intense hydration and improves skin’s natural alliance. At $69 (120 ml).

Balance Hydraclear Gel
This powerful dual action moisturiser not only clears acne and blemishes, but is also paraben free. Suitable for oily/combination skin. At $128 (50 ml).

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