SWW Spa Awards 2017 + AsterSpring

Spa Awards 2017 - AsterSpring

Super Lifting Face Treatment by AsterSpring

Collagen depletes as we age, causing our skin to become lax and lifeless: the corners of your eyes and mouth start to droop, and we begin to find lines etched deeper and deeper in our skins. Give your skin the lift it needs with the Super Lifting Face Treatment by AsterSpring. As the name suggests, this powerhouse of a treatment stimulates collagen and elastic production within the dermis to instantly tone, lift, and firm both sagging skin and muscles, resulting in long-lasting rejuvenation and even facial slimming. The firming and lifting properties of this facial makes it an ideal treatment for highly stressed or ageing individuals with weakened or dehydrated skin. This revitalising treatment further improves skin texture, filling out fine lines and enlarged pores to bring you baby-smooth skin. At $350 (85 mins).

Enhance The Glow


Get ready to glow with this scientifically-proven treatment that rejuvenates skin from the inside out. Bid goodbye to dull complexions, wrinkles, and expression lines.  At $400 (60 mins).

Dermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair

A veritable first aid kit for your skin, this powerful treatment cream accelerates cellular renewal to diminish the signs of ageing overnight. At $190 (30 ml).

AsterSpring is located at:

  • #05-09/11 The Centrepoint, Tel: 6732 0090
  • #04-24 NEX Shopping Mall Tel: 6634 2368
  • #03-13 Jem Tel: 6734 7833, #02-490 Suntec City Tel: 68370212
  • #03-10 Plaza Singapura, Tel: 63390855
  • Website: asterspring.com.sg