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SWW Spa Awards - Cambridge Therapeutics Anti Cellulite

X-Wave Cellulite Buster by Cambridge Therapeutics 

Everyone suffers from cellulite to varying degrees and the X-Wave Cellulite Buster treatment is designed specifically to target four different stages of cellulite formation, from the mildest skin congestion to visibly hardened and dimpled cellulite. At the most advanced stages of cellulite formation, skin can take on a hard and dimpled texture visible to the naked eye under all conditions, even without applying pressure to the skin. Diminish the appearance of ‘orange peel’ skin with this treatment, which utilises acoustic pulses to stimulate collagen production, as well as improve blood circulation and facilitate waste drainage in affected areas, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite. It has the additional benefit of reducing water retention to alleviate bloating and swelling, giving you smooth and toned thighs that won’t dimple even when pinched. At $250 (20 mins).

Flaunt that bod

Vanquish Me

Get rid of stubborn pockets of fats with this safe and effective medical-grade, USA FDA approved treatment that uses selective radiofrequency to target fats for a slim and svelte figure. THe number one choice of Hollywood plastic surgeons for non-surgical permanent fat removal. At $600 (45 mins).

Cambridge Therapeutics is located at #08-05A2 Tower B Ngee Ann City, Tel: 6733 6729

Website: www.cambridgetherapeutics.com.sg

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