RF Body Accenture Treatment by M&G Aesthetics Beauty Care 

No more dimply skin from cellulite or saggy thighs – this treatment from M&G Aesthetics Beauty Care will leave you with gorgeous pins. With the only device in the market that has a dual hand piece for more thorough coverage, the RF Body Accenture treatment uses Radio Frequency to zap, tighten, and tone, shaving stubborn fats off your thighs. First, the unipolar hand piece reaches deep into your skin, treating cellulite by stimulating collagen production, decomposing fatty acid and inducing fat cell death, as well as increasing circulation for improved lymphatic drainage of fatty deposits. After the fat cells are permanently eliminated, a second hand piece then delivers shallower radio frequency energy to contract collagen tissue, resulting in the lifting, tightening, and toning of sagging skins. All this, with no This downtime. At $480 (60 mins).

Cellulite Eliminator

LPG Endermologie Treatment
A combination of deep massaging, motorised vibrations, and a gentle suction action improves circulation and break down cellulite even in hard-to-reach areas. At $180 (35 mins).

Body Nova
This advanced treatment uses an effective combination of heat and suction to eliminate cellulite and facilitate detoxification to bring you smooth and toned contours. At $220 (30 mins).

M&G Aesthetics Beauty Care is located at: #03-05 Pacific Plaza Singapore 228210, Tel: 6733 6742

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