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Before the advent of concealer or foundation, women in the Korean royal court had to rely on traditional herbal remedies to achieve radiant and flawless complexion. Inspired by these timeless solutions, The History of Whoo has combined traditional oriental thoughts with modern science to created an all-in-one cream that can help modern women achieve the luminous and clear skin Korean empresses were renowned for.


Carefully formulated just like oriental herbal medicine, the Bichup Ja Yoon Cream is a nourishing cream which targets skin problems from the root, restoring balance and inducing cellular repair to bring skin back to its optimal condition.

Delay Ageing

Containing the unique Gyeongoakbidan herbal formulation that protects the skin and delays the signs of ageing, the Bichup Ja Yoon cream can penetrate deep within the skin to plump up fine lines for bouncy and taut skin. This herbal blend even helps with minimising pores, and collagen and Aloeswood further boost collagen production to restore youth and vitality back to your skin.

Promote skin’s self-healing

For those troubled by the occasional pesky spots, sit back and let Cho Jahabidan help. A plant placenta derivative, this ingredient helps skin identify its own weaknesses and activate the right cells for repair, so as to induce self-healing from the root of the problem. Healthy and glowing skin is now entirely possible with this nourishing treatment.

A perfect balance

The signature Gongjinbidan Complex in the Bichup line contains a proprietary blend of six oriental herbs which balances the skin and improves Qi and blood circulation so as to eliminate skin dullness. Glowing skin stems from good health and is something no cosmetics can convincingly replicate, so it is important to start taking care of your skin regardless of age.

Pimples, begone!

If clogged pores are your concern, the herbal formula Cheongsimbidan facilitates detoxification to eliminate the root causes of spots. It can also soothe existing outbreaks to reduce inflammation and promote healing. With this holistic treatment, you can bid farewell to zits and look forward to improved skin clarity.

Suitable for most skin types, this restorative cream combines powerful herbal ingredients to give ageing skin an energy boost, improve cellular renewal rate, and reduce the damage caused by free radicals. Simply apply after cleansing and toning to enjoy radiant complexion fit for royalty.

History of Whoo is available at Tangs at Tangs Plaza, and online at tangs.com.

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