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Toilet paper and tissue may feel almost identical but only toilet paper is safe to go down the bowl.

Q: Can You Flush Toilet Paper? 
A: Yes. Toilet paper is designed to disintegrate quick in water and whoosh down the sewer system. However, tissues cannot. They take a lot longer to break down and can clog up in a pipe bend of dip.

Q: Should I Still Buy Incandescent Bulbs?
A: No. It’s not good for the environment nor your purse. Although the new incandescents use less energy than older versions did, they are way less efficient than LEDs lamps. LEDs may cost more at first, but their life spans are significantly longer (around 25 years for LED and one year for incandescent) and can save you money down the road.

Make sure they are in the right size and still in good shape.
Make sure they are in the right size and still in good shape.

Q: Is It OK To Let Kids Wear Hand-Me-Down Shoes?
A: Yes. But just make sure the hand-me-downs are the right size and still in good shape. The side walls of the shoes should not cave in or out. The threads on the soles should also still be intact and one side not worn out more than the other. Also, if there’s a stench, it might be a sign of fungi, so mist them with athlete’s foot spray before letting your child wear them.

Q: Will Carrying A Heavy Backpack Cause My Kid To Develop Scoliosis?
A: No. Although that’s a myth, but orthopaedic doctors say a weighed-down kid risk long- and short-term aches and pains. Doctors recommends children to carry no more than 15 per cent of their body weight – which would be 3.75kg for a 20kg Primary One kid. They also suggest wearing both shoulder straps plus the waist strap, or switch to a wheeled backpack.

Q: How Bad Is It To Wear The Wrong Size Shoes?
A: Very bad. Forcing your feet into too-small or two-size shoes can injure your feet and body. More than just blisters, bunions, and tendinitis, wearing incorrect size shoes can lead to knee, hip and back pain. If one foot is larger than the other, buy shoes of the bigger size and wear an insole to the other shoe.

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There’s no danger in reboiling water left in a kettle and drinking it.

Q: Can I Still Drink Leftover Water In The Kettle?
A: Yes. However, contaminants from the kettle could leech into the water that’s left there too long. So change water every week or so, and se a glass or stainless steel kettle. To remove calcium build-up in your kettle, fill it up with water, add two tablespoons of baking soda and lemon juice and boil for 30 minutes. Rinse well.

Q: Is It OK To Try Tester Lipsticks?
A: No. It may look fab, but most makeup samples are teeming with staph, strep and E.coli, according to a medical instructor. Play safe and swipe the lipstick with an anti-bacterial wet tissue, or test the colour on your hand instead of on the lips.

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