Ever since her breakout role as Xia Ziwei in the popular palace drama My Fair Princess (1998), Ruby Lin has become a name we are all familiar with. Besides acting, the Taiwanese actress has also since made headways as a producer, with credits including the 2021 Netflix series Light the Night where she plays a madam in Taipei’s red light district opposite Cheryl Yang.

Off-screen, Ruby has maintained a wholesome, clean image and has been married to fellow actor Wallace Huo. The two have a daughter, born in January 2017. Making the most out of the Covid-19 situation, Ruby took the opportunity to pursue her studies and earned an MBA from Shih Hsin University in 2021. She was unanimously voted as the cohort’s Outstanding Achievement Award by her professors.

To celebrate the 46th birthday of the multi-talented and hardworking celeb this year, let’s learn 10 beauty and life tips that Ruby Lin lives by.

Always cleanse your face

The first thing that Ruby does after reaching home is to remove her makeup and cleanse her face (we are strong advocates of double cleansing!). And while her skin is still damp and pores are open, she quickly goes in with her skincare routine to seal in as much moisture as possible.

Pat in your essence

After cleansing, Ruby would use an essence to prep her skin before going it the other skincare products. To maximise its efficacy, Ruby would pat in the essence in an upward motion, until it is completely absorbed. She shared that she does it with such vigour that her face would flush.

Ruby would also use the same patting motion, with her middle or ring finger, when applying eye cream.

Maximise your skincare routine

When Ruby is feeling particularly busy, tired or just wants to quickly spend time with her daughter, she would skip all other products after cleansing and just use a moisturiser.

But when she’s feeling particularly hardworking, Ruby employs various skincare devices and massage techniques to further amplify the efficacy of her beauty routine.

Exercise is key

To Ruby, working up a good sweat is important not only for her health but also for her skin and figure. Besides heading to the gym, the mother of one also does yoga, aerial yoga, boxing and is especially a fan of TRX (or total resistance exercises).

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Like many celebs, Ruby emphasises the importance of being well-hydrated. Besides water, Ruby also drinks red bean soup, black bean soup and red date tea to aid metabolism and reduce water retention.

Eat light, balanced meals

Follow Ruby on Instagram and you’ll often see her posting about her meals. In general, they are balanced meals consisting of carbohydrates, proteins and fresh vegetables. Her dinners are two portions of meat to one part vegetables. Moreover, Ruby avoids heavy, oily foods as well as anything overly refined and processed.

Drink collagen soup

Ruby further supplements her diet with collagen soup which she makes with fish maw, chicken feet, snails, ginseng, black dates and dried tangerine peel.

Stay present

With so many roles to play both professionally and privately, Ruby shared that being present is very important in whatever she does.

She stays focused at work and when she’s home, she avoids talking about work or business and stays in the moment to enjoy time with her child without fiddling with her mobile phone.

Create time for yourself

Despite her busy schedule, Ruby still tries to carve out some me-time. For example, after dropping off her daughter at school, she would take the time to exercise and have a hearty breakfast by herself to start the day.

Or when everyone in the family is asleep, she would pour herself a glass of wine and watch some TV. Regardless of the activity, the me-time is important for her to unwind and decompress.

Use scents to create a relaxing environment

Pleasing scents can do wonders for your well-being. Ruby shared that every room in her house has its own dedicated scent. The toilet, for example, has a tangerine-based scent that helps rid any odours and keeps the space smelling fresh. Ruby also makes it a point to bring a scented candle with her whenever she goes abroad for filming.

Besides candles, you can consider reed diffusers.

Text: Ho Guo Xiong/HerWorld