Beauty Dictionary: D for Dimethicone

Dimethicone is a type of silicone-based polymer that is most commonly found in moisturisers, creams and also makeup primers. It’s what helps creams and moisturisers smooth on easily, and on its own, almost feels almost slippery (like Teflon). When added to sunscreen (especially Titanium Dioxide based ones which leave a white cast), makes them easier to spread and rids the whitening effect that some sunscreens leave behind.

In makeup primers, they’re able to fill out pores and fine lines to create a smooth canvas for foundation to go on. They’re also known to leave a matte finish, which means they’re great for people who get shiny T-zones during the day.

As for the bad reputation that silicones often get, dimethicones are made of up large molecules; in fact, too big to clog pores as they have large spaces in between them, allowing ingredients and air to pass through. Another misconception about dimethicone is that they are bad for acne prone skin. On the contrary, the addition of dimethicone (and its variant dimethicone copolyol) to products like foundation creates a breathable, flexible film that doesn’t absorb into the skin – perfect for those who experience breakouts or have sensitive skin.

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