Beauty Dictionary: I for Iris

Iris extract is derived from the Iris Florentina root (also known as orris root) and boasts excellent water retention properties to keep skin hydrated. It’s also said to contain isoflavones which stimulate skin and prevent the degradation of collagen to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

As it is extracted from a flower, it also lends a light, floral scent to the products which contains iris extract. Those who favour natural skincare ingredients can opt to use products containing iris extract in place of synthetic anti-ageing ingredients, although its anti-ageing efficacy has yet to be determined due to limited research.

Iris extract is most commonly found in creams, serums and masks that boast anti-ageing properties. Despite it being a natural ingredient, iris extract has been known to cause a reaction for those with skin sensitivity, so be cautious and do a patch test before applying to the entire face.

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