Beauty Dictionary: K for Kaolin

Kaolin clay, a common term for aluminium silicate, is a clay mineral that’s commonly used in beauty products. Its absorbent properties make it ideal for soaking up oil and drawing out impurities, and it is most commonly found in masks, cleansers, face powder and dry shampoo. It is excellent for drawing oil and impurities from the skin easily without stripping skin of essential moisture unlike most other mineral clay.

Kaolin is also commonly found in face powder, especially the ones which have oil-control properties, to help keep skin looking matte as it has the ability to absorb excess sebum. Unlike harsher ingredients, kaolin is relatively inert and safe to use, with an added soothing properly which promotes healing and fends off inflammation.

Those with oilier skin may choose to incorporate a kaolin-based clay mask once or twice a week to clear pores, soak up excess sebum and purify skin in order to keep pimples at bay. However, always follow with a moisturiser so that skin doesn’t feel parched or tight after the use of a kaolin clay mask.

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