Beauty Dictionary: V for Vitamins

Vitamins are essential organic compounds that we need in our everyday lives. While ingesting vitamins can protect our health and our skin from the inside, they are found in various forms in beauty products that can be applied topically to target various skin concerns.

Some of the more common forms of vitamins are Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Vitamin C can be found in many anti-aging products and revitalize and hydrate the skin. This vitamin also works as an antioxidant and tackles the problem before it even comes out on your skin. Vitamin C is photosensitive, and almost always loses efficacy when exposed to light, so it’s important that they are kept in dark or opaque containers. There are exceptions though, with advancement in skincare technology, stable forms of Vitamin C have been formulated to be resistant to oxidation when exposed to light.

Vitamin D is made in our bodies when sunlight is absorbed by our skin. Vitamin D is known to minimize acne, lessen lines and appearance of dark spots. Vitamin D can be found in oil serums and eye creams.

There is a whole list of Vitamins and their benefits to the skin. As each skin is different, arming ourselves with the knowledge of vitamins may prove beneficial during our next trip to the beauty store.

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