1. Do A Double Cleanse if You Wear Makeup 

Korean Skincare Regime Balm

“I usually take my makeup off with an oil cleanser before cleansing once more with a foaming wash. Foamy washes usually contain oxygen compounds which is great for oily skin!”

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2. No Matter How Busy You Are, Stick To Your Skincare Regime

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“As a mum, sometimes it’s difficult to stick to your skincare regime especially when you’re so tired at the end of the day but I find that sticking to your skincare regime helps to relax me.”

3. Always Clean Your Brushes and Get Them Replaced

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes-featured

“If you use your makeup brushes every day, it’s very easy for makeup to cake up on your brushes especially when you don’t wash them regularly. Good skin and good hygiene goes hand in hand so it’s important to clean your brushes.”

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4. Use Lip Tint for Some Colour

5 Habits of People With Good Skin

“If you’re lazy to put on some makeup that day, just remember to put some lip tint on for instant radiance.”


5. Don’t Follow Beauty Trends Blindly

6 Ways To Cool Skin Down in Hot Weather-Stokpic

“If a product works for you, stick to it and trust what it does for your skin.”