Beijing 101 hair and scalp treatment review

Oily scalp is one of the most common hair concerns, and it’s what happens when our sebaceous glands produce excess oil. While sebum can help protect our skin and scalp from damage and improve the barrier of our skin, there can be too much of a good thing. An oily scalp can lead to concerns like irritation, itchiness, dandruff and worst – hair loss. It’s no wonder this is one of the most common hair problems in Southeast Asia, especially when you factor in the humidity and heat here.

Stress, diet, sleep, and hormonal changes are all factors that can affect our scalp and hair. And while we can make those changes and use products that target our concerns, sometimes a little bit of help from experts can go a long way.

With more than 45 years of experience, Beijing 101 Hair Consultants has been dedicated to helping customers with hair and scalp issues since 1974. From concerns like hair loss and hair thinning to dandruff and oily scalp. Their signature hair treatments are formulated with premium-grade Chinese herbs, rooted in the philosophy and expertise of Certified Hair Consultants and TCM physicians.

Oily scalp is one of the most consistent hair concerns that I personally have. While hair loss and hair thinning have been issues for me in the last couple of years (no doubt thanks to all the bleaching and dyeing), I’ve always struggled with an oily scalp. The two are only made more pronounced with my fine hair, and I’m always looking for treatments and products to strengthen and bring my hair back to a healthy state.

I went down to try Beijing 101’s customised herbal treatment at their Funan Mall outlet, and was recommended with a hair and scalp treatment to help detox my scalp, boost blood circulation, nourish my hair from within, and encourage hair growth in the long run.

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Beijing 101 has seven outlets at Bedok Mall, Causeway Point, Century Square, Funan Mall, JCUBE, NEX, and Northpoint City.

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If you’re looking to give your hair some TLC and need an expert’s help to solve your hair concerns, Beijing 101 is offering a 4-Step Advanced Hair & Scalp Revival Treatment at $40 nett (UP: $502) for The Weekly’s readers. This treatment includes a one on one hair and scalp analysis and consultation, a customised mask, herbal hair wash, an Oxy3 scalp treatment, their Signature Meridian Herbal Scalp Treatment, and $10 FairPrice Vouchers to top it all off. Make your appointment here.

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