alche{me}Does it sometimes feel like you need a major in cosmetic science just to pick a serum? With hundreds of ingredients – hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, ascorbic acid, marula oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, peptides, plant stem cells, probiotics – where should you put your money? The simple answer is: it really depends on what your skin needs at this very moment.

Your skin is unique. Its needs are vastly different from your favourite K-pop star, your BFF, and the stranger napping across from you on the train. Like you, it also evolves with time. Lifestyle changes, career changes and even dietary changes may be reflected on your skin as well.


Bespoke skincare brand alche{me} is about giving your skin precisely what it needs, instead of frantically slathering on a dozen products, hoping you’ll somehow get lucky. Naturally, this targeted approach begins with regarding you as a unique individual, not a broad skin category – ‘normal’, ‘oily’, ‘combination’ and ‘dry’.

Using a proprietary algorithm to analyse your selfie, skin needs, lifestyle and beauty goals, alche{me} tailors serums, emulsions and eye products from 25 botanical concentrates just for you. Each ingredient is consciously sourced, eco-friendly and cruelty-free. It cuts away PEG, parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicones or animal-derived ingredients.

In other words, this homegrown Singaporean brand gives you rocket science skincare without the mind-boggling scientific jargon and marketing spiel. It also streamlines your regime and scores you extra minutes of shuteye each day. Because, let’s be honest, 10-step regimes can be downright exhausting.

In addition to bespoke products, alche{me} also offers three curated lines that check right off your beauty wish list, especially during the holiday season. Formulated with powerful vitamins and botanical such as Ginseng Root Extract, Babchi Seed, Millet Seed Extract and Iris Root Extract, their lightweight and fast-penetrating textures are designed for tropical urban needs.


To Age Backwards
Erase signs of fatigue or overwork. Rejuvenate {me} replenishes parched skin with a surge of moisture, reduces fine lines, and refines pores for a plump and smooth finish. Beyond regular anti-ageing benefits, it stress-proofs your skin and protects it from city pollution. Makeup will glide on and stay on.

Unveil Stunning Radiance
Lighten pigmentation and infuse your skin with soft luminosity. Brighten {me} revs up micro-circulation for rosy radiance, protects your skin from UV rays, and even shields it from blue light and radiation from electronic devices. Healthy skin glows from within. 

Reclaim Crystal Clarity
Lift off blemishes and tame sebum with Clear & Mattify {me}. This high-performance line for acne-prone skin prevents hyper pigmentation, promotes cellular regeneration and reduces scarring. It’ll give you a flawless canvas for your favourite festive looks.

Holiday Specials

Celebrate the season of light with three exquisite gifts of beauty for yourself and loved ones.


drea{me}r Collection
Upgrade your skincare essentials with a consciously curated power duo. Choose a 15ml serum from the Rejuvenate {me}, Brighten {me} and Clear & Mattify {me} lines and enjoy a complimentary 25ml toner of your choice and a drea{me}r pouch. Each product is safe, clean, and free of parabens, silicones, PEGs and other harmful chemicals. $65 (set valued at $85, save $20)


aweso{me} Collection
Embrace your individuality and unveil your unique beauty with a targeted skincare set. Choose a bespoke 30ml serum or 50ml emulsion, made-to-measure for your skin needs . This high-performance cocktail of botanical extracts comes with a 15ml face mask of your choice and a aweso{me} pouch. $100 (set valued at over $130, save $30)


crè{me} de la crème Collection
Indulge your skin and revitalise your entire skincare regime. Get a bespoke 30ml serum and a complimentary 15ml bespoke product of your choice, emulsion or eye serum. Enjoy three gifts – a 15ml mask and 25ml toner of your choice as well as a crè{me} de la crème pouch. Day after day, your skin will reclaim a luminous healthy glow. $150 (set valued at over $220, save 31%)


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