Target the signs of ageing from within with this collagen-boosting powder. Formulated to dissolve instantly into any beverage, this low-molecular supplement optimises the absorption of collagen by the body to give you youthful, supple skin.

This highly-refined powder cuts out more than 80 per cent of the impurities responsible for causing the bitter taste and smell commonly found in other collagen drinks; it is further boosted with Ornithine to stimulate collagen production and Vitamin C to maintain firmness within the skin.

ASTALIFT Pure Collagen Powder 5,000 mg

Free of artificial colorings and preservatives, this beauty supplement is also low in calories and contains zero fats. Simply pack one or two of these handy sachets in your bag and take them daily for rejuvenated  skin. At $76 (5.5 g x 30).

Pair your Astalift oral supplement with their Drink Pure Collagen 10000.

Best Of Beauty Buys 2017 Bes Oral Supplements For Anti-Ageing (Powder)

This low-calorie peach-yoghurt flavoured drink packs an impressive 10,000 mg of collagen into a 30 ml bottle. Further formulated with other nourishing ingredients, but without any fats or caffeine, take one before bedtime for firm and supple skin. $60 (30 ml x 10).

Brought to you by Astalift.
As seen in the January 2017 issue of The Singapore Women’s Weekly.