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Getting rid of stubborn dark circles and eye bags is now possible with this potent cream, which promises to brighten and tighten the under eye area visibly with just a single application a day.

Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles

By combining the revolutionary technology EYESL with a unique blend of clay minerals and a bi-peptide complex, this clinically proven formula can effectively alleviate fluid accumulation under the eyes so as to reduce puffiness and eliminate the appearance of dark circles.

Simply massage a pea-sized drop under your eyes once a day to erase dark eye circles instantly. At $52 (8ml).

Pair your Remescar eye cream with their other products:

Remescar Spider Veins

Best Of Beauty Buys 2017 Dark Eye Treatment — Dark Circles_1

Formulated with Mircolens Coated Crystals, this cream can effectively prevent the formation of spider veins and visibly reduce their appearance by up to 50 per cent through strengthening the vein walls and improving micro-circulation. At $40 (50ml).

Remescar Scar Stick

Best Of Beauty Buys 2017 Dark Eye Treatment — Dark Circles_2

You don’t have to live with scars forever – simply rub this advanced silicon-based stick on scars to soften and flatten scar tissues and restore the skin to their original colour and texture. At $30 (10g).

Brought to you by Remescar.
As seen in the January 2017 issue of The Singapore Women’s Weekly.