Battling eye bags and persistent puffiness? From stress to poor micro-circulation to premature ageing, your eyes are the first to reveal “battle” wounds. A lack of lympathic circulation could also mean that fat residues and toxins get trapped under the eye area, resulting in those unwanted dark circles.

Banish those eye bags with this personalised eye serum, which contains atlas cedar bark that not only reduces inflammation, but also strengthens blood vessels and visibly reduces the reddish colour under the eyes. The bark extract of Alibizia julibrissin (or the Persian silk tree) helps to fade age-related dark circles, while caffeine is harnessed for its lipolytic activity on fatty cells helps to drain toxins from the eye area, so you can say goodbye to puffy eyes.

The beauty of this customised eye serum is also the ability to include other active ingredients to tackle concerns like wrinkles and sagging, all personalised for your needs. At $65 (15 ml).


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