Losing your hair prematurely can be devastating, but there is hope. FASTGro™ Hair & Scalp Treatment is the brainchild of Yum Nam Hair Care, specifically developed to counteract the effects of hair loss. It is designed to promote hair growth, strengthen roots and minimise hair fall.

What sets this treatment apart is its unique fusion of Asian techniques with advanced Western technology, all tailored to your personal needs.

The skilled hair experts at Yun Nam Hair Care will first analyse the condition of your scalp with a computerised scalp scan to pinpoint the root cause of your hair problem, be it female pattern baldness, post-natal hair loss or lifestyle-related stressors, so that a targeted treatment can be customised to address the problem.

This signature treatment’s scalp-nurturing formula harnesses the potent powers of premium Chinese herbs like ginseng, dang gui and he shou wu to alleviate scalp irritation, relieve itchiness and banish sensitivity. Besides leaving your hair looking fuller and stronger, this treatment also helps to keep your scalp nurtured and balanced, providing a conducive environment for healthy hair growth. In just a few sessions, rediscover the delights of a voluminous mane once again. At $300 (90 mins).

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