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Compared to our Caucasian counterparts who have more dimensional bone structures, Asian women tend to have flatter facial features, which makes sagging more noticeable as we age. A diminished lymphatic system then tags on more waste and water retention, causing us to look tired and bloated.

We want sharper features like the facets of a chiselled gemstone. Shiseido answers with the Sculpting Lift Cream, which helps to enhance texture, tone and contours. This award winner is now upgraded with pine and cinnamon extract, which optimises skin’s purifying function to minimise the number of enlarged fat cells and flush out waste. Reviewers report lifted features in as little as two weeks! Available at Shiseido counters islandwide in major department stores.

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Shiseido Vital-Perfection White Circulator Serum

Unlike UV-induced dark spots, age spots aren’t that easy to prevent or fade away. In fact, they often come out of nowhere and get darker and bigger  with age. The breakdown in proteins is to blame, which scrambles your pigment-production process and causes spots to proliferate. This lightweight essence helps to repair the proteins, improve circulation and restart the functions of youthful skin, aiding your complexion in sloughing off melanin to clear stubborn spots efficiently. The anti-ageing formula also tackles other age-related concerns like dryness, yellow tone, loss of radiance and wrinkles. Applied with Shiseido’s Facial Massage Technique, expect improvements after two weeks.

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As seen in the August 2016 issue of The Singapore Women’s Weekly.