Well-groomed eyebrows say a lot about you and can make a big difference to your look. With the expert semi-permanent embroidery service by Avone Beauty Secrets, go ahead and take your brows to the next level.

Developed as a result of extensive research with the International Semi-Permanent Association of Korea, this cutting-edge treatment uses a Korean-manufactured “9V Ultimate Nano Embroidery Needle” that is specially designed to implant colour pigments without causing lesions on your epidermis. It also allows for greater precision to create softer and finer hair strokes.

Unlike conventional microblading, this revolutionary 9V Ultimate Virtual Brows Embroidery does not puncture the skin, so there is no downtime required. In fact, according to Avone, the procedure is so safe and gentle that it is even suitable for those with sensitive skin. In just one session, you can enjoy beautiful brows immediately with no need to touch-up for at least six months. At $1,480 (includes two years’ worth of unlimited touch-ups and needles worth $80 per session, as well as a free Intensive Facial, worth $238 and Aftercare Cream, worth $38).

Strengthen And Detox With These Pampering Treats

Ultralash Lift Treatment Perm 
Treat brittle, damaged lashes with Keratin Essence – it enhances the strength of your lashes and helps lift them for stronger,  curlier lashes for up to eight weeks. Enjoy your first trial at $38 (UP $68, 45 to 60 mins).

V-lift Guasha Lymphatic Drainage Bojin Facial
Restore balance to your skin and enhance its suppleness, firmness and glow. With a guasha massage tool which massages and stimulates acupuncture points on the face, skin circulation is improved, addressing issues like tension and puffiness. Enjoy your first trial at $88 (UP $388, 90 mins).

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