Brow Embroidery - NaturalYour eyebrows frame your face, highlight your eyes and enhance your features. That’s why it’s so important to keep them well groomed. However, if your brows are sparse and you find yourself having to draw them on or fill them in every day, you may want to consider getting a little help from Brow Art Asia.

This beauty service provider offers a procedure called Brow Naturale, which gives you the look of full yet natural-looking eyebrows. The treatment involves pushing a semi-permanent pigment into the surface of your skin with a fine blade, to mimic individual eyebrow hairs. The brow art expert will discuss what eyebrow style best suits your face shape and features, before drawing them on using a special pencil – the outline acts like a guide while she fills your brows in with the pigment. When the process is over, you’ll have a bold, well-defined pair of brows that are virtually maintenance-free.

As a soothing cream is applied to your eyebrows before the expert goes to work on them, the procedure does not feel uncomfortable. To help the skin heal after the treatment, you are advised to apply a healing cream to the area every day for a few days. From $498.

Get Fuller, Natural-Looking Brows

Brow Embroidery - Natural

Brow Misty
Try this eyebrow embroidery technique that uses Korean nano-blading. It gives a natural powdery effect, as if you had filled in your brows with eyebrow powder. From $898.

Brow Signature
This procedure creates hair-like strokes to mimic brow hair. It involves manually inserting pigment into the upper layer of skin to fill in any empty spaces and help your brows look fuller and more dramatic. From $1,098.

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