If your scalp regularly feels tight or you suffer from an unpleasant itchiness, chances are, you have a sensitive scalp. Pollution, lifestyle factors or even harsh shampoos can cause your scalp to become irritated, leading to flakes and even dandruff.

Give your scalp the tender loving care it needs with Mucota Little Forest 04 Moisturising Botanical Treatment, a gentle yet effective formula specifically created for sensitive scalps. Blending nature and science, this nourishing conditioner deeply moisturises and keeps your scalp hydrated without causing irritation. Formulated with 12 kinds of plant oil extracts that are sourced exclusively, the soothing elements in this luxurious conditioner help to reinforce the skin barrier while balancing the scalp.

Some of its key ingredients include skin-identical protein, which is rich in bioactive peptides, and olive oil, which helps prevent dryness by locking in moisture, so your hair stays soft, smooth and shiny. Bilberry leaf improves circulation and has anti-inflammatory properties while licorice root boosts your hair’s immunity. It also contains hydrating neem leaves and Japanese camellia oil, which are essential fatty acids to repair dry, damaged hair. At $56 (200 ml).

Available at selected hair salons.

A Mucota special, created by The Singapore Women’s Weekly