Facia Ginza Face Shaping Treatment

The gold standard of Asian (typically Japanese and Korean) beauty is to have a small and slim V-shaped face. Sure, one can go for invasive plastic surgery such as bone-shaving and face liposuction, or minimally-invasive procedures like implants and fillers to reshape your face. But not all of us are able to bear the pain and downtime, or have the cash for it, too.

For an instant facelift without surgery, try the signature Small Face Care facial at Facia Ginza, a top beauty salon in Japan that has opened two branches on our sunny island. This unique non-invasive treatment was developed with a team of osteopathic doctors and combines the process of  stimulating the facial muscles with a classic facial.

Following a relaxing neck and shoulder massage, the therapist will give you a deep-tissue face massage, kneading, rolling and pinching your skin to boost blood circulation and strengthen facial muscles. Pressure will also be applied to the jawline, cheekbones and temples to help achieve a slimmer and V-shape visage.

After this, your face will be double cleansed, exfoliated and moisturised with an application of rejuvenating skincare from WOVE, a line of clinical-grade facial products developed by Japanese doctors. In one session, you can expect smoother, firmer skin with more defined facial contours, and a more lifted complexion overall. At $248*.

Reshape Your Face

Enjoy your first trial of Premium Facial Care (includes Small Face Care with a choice of Moisturizing, Pore Cleansing or Whitening Care) at only $188 nett. Make an appointment and quote “SWW Spa Award Winner”.

*Price excludes GST.

Facia Ginza is located at: #09-20 The Central Soho 1, S059817, Tel: 8749 2563  |  402 Orchard Road, #04-20 Delfi Orchard, S238876, Tel: 8588 2563
Website: www.facia.com.sg

A Facia Ginza special, created by The Singapore Women’s Weekly