Achieving a polished look can take hours, but with the latest hairstyling brush by Dafni, you can show off gorgeous hair in minutes.

For the executive who is rushing to her next big meeting or the vacationer who simply wants to look her best while on holiday, bad hair days are a thing of the past with Dafni Allure. Four times more powerful than a corded straightener, this compact, cord-free straightening brush helps to keep your strands in shipshape effortlessly without tethering you to a wire.

Unlike flat irons that can only work on small sections of hair at a time, Dafni Allure is engineered for real-life, time-saving functionality. Boasting 3D patented technology, the typical flat iron has been transformed into a heated brush, enabling you to style larger sections of hair in intuitive brush strokes.

By using springy, insulating bristles on the top of each knob, there is no risk of singeing hairs with this advanced styling tool. Maintained at a controlled optimal temperature of 185 C, your strands will be evenly reshaped and protected from excessive heat while leaving your follicles stronger.

Powered by lithium Ion batteries and fast Qualcum-3 chargers that are found in the latest smartphones, you can count on Dafni Allure to help you get the look you want with convenience and ease wherever you go. At $329.

Dafni Allure products are available at Takashimaya and Tangs Orchard. For upcoming
promotions or inquiries, call VISO Pte Ltd at

Tel: 6850 5092

A Dafni special, created by The Singapore Women’s Weekly