Plagued by sagging skin and loose facial contours that have given way to those crinkles and creases? Inevitably, the loss of elasticity and collagen causes fine lines and wrinkles which become more apparent over time.

Thankfully, help is on hand with Kosme Aesthetics’ High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) 4D Facelift which harnesses special technology from the scientific beauty experts in Korea to give your complexion a much-needed boost – minus any invasive procedures.

Completely safe, painless and comfortable with no downtime, this surgery-free treatment helps to tighten your skin and restore definition to your jawline in just 50 minutes, so you can experience the lifting effects instantly. It also works to reduce that double chin so you can say goodbye to that unwanted wattle.

In addition, the HIFU 4D Facelift treatment increases cell renewal and encourages collagen production, so your skin can keep renewing itself and maintain a younger-looking and sharper visage. At $488 (50 mins).

Say goodbye to sagging skin
Enjoy a HIFU 4D Facelift and rejuvenate your facial contours for just $88 (UP $488) for the first session.

Terms and conditions:
Limited to one redemption per person. Not valid with other promotions. For first-time customers aged 21 years old and above. Not valid for tourists. Valid until Dec 31, 2019.

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9-Steps S7 Pamper Facial Programme
Combining several treatments to cleanse and nurture your skin, this 75-minute signature facial programme also includes a Cool Ocean Treatment to help minimise pores and reduce inflammation while promoting lymphatic drainage and offering lifting benefits. Try it for just $48 (UP $288).

High-Bright Laser Facial for Pores, Pimples and Pigmentation
Using Korea’s latest technology, this rejuvenating facial harnesses the power of intense contact cooling to target uneven skin tone while tightening and lifting your skin layers as the temperature plunges below 0° C. Try it for just $28 (UP $250).

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