It’s important to eat the right food to be able to exercise efficiently. (Photo: Pixabay)

The pre-exercise meal should be consumed 1-3 hours before your workout. And it’s important to consume the right food to get the maximum benefit from your workout. Regularly consuming fatty foods interferes with your ability to tell whether you’re hungry or simply want to eat for pleasure. When these signals are defective your desire, for food increases, even if you’re already full. So, if you are wondering what to eat to fuel the workout, read on, as nutritionist Catherine Demertze shares her top tips.

Exercise Regime: Weights

Meal Idea: Quinoa and beetroot risotto with grilled chicken and thyme.

How it helps: Amino acids in the chicken and carbohydrates in the quinoa support muscle, and beetroot improves stamina and recovery. Thyme boosts immunity when you’re pushing your limits.

Exercise Regime: Spin classes

Meal Idea: Salmon, watermelon and cranberry salad with ginger and brown rice.

How it helps: The protein and fats in salmon aid fat burning. Carbohydrate-rich rice and cranberries provide energy. Watermelon is hydrating and ginger boosts recovery

Exercise Regime: Pilates

Meal idea: A smoothie with mint, avocado, pear, dark leafy greens, protein powder and coconut water.

How it helps: These ingredients are easily digested and hydrating. The avocado’s healthy fats and the protein powder will also fuel your muscles.

 Text: Good Health/ Bauer/ Additional Reporting: Shenielle Aloysis