You know that hair care is important – but do you know that your scalp needs attention too?

As part of your skin, your scalp is just as affected by UV rays, heat and pollution, not to mention the effects of lifestyle stress. This can cause sensitive scalp, resulting in itchiness, dandruff and even hair loss.

Keep your scalp in prime condition with new age scalp care: The Twin Booster programme by ClearSK® Clinics. This clinical programme is revolutionary as it’s the first to induce cellular repair and renewal to effectively reduce sensitivity, and soothe and fortify your scalp safely with no surgery and minimal to no downtime, all in just two steps.

The first step is to loosen and remove hardened sebum, dirt and bacteria from your hair follicles through a clinical deep cleanse therapy, followed by Cell Boosters, a new age cellular scalp care, which is used to turbocharge cellular renewal in your scalp to repair damage and strengthen scalp to deter sensitivity. This renewal process also works to deter hair loss in the long run. At $988 for six sessions ($165 per session).


ClearSK® Hair Regrowth Laser
Plagued by thinning hair or hair loss? This advanced clinical laser treatment works by specifically targeting your hair follicles to stimulate hair regrowth, helping you rediscover thicker and fuller hair. From $205 per session (30 mins each).

ClearSK® V Face Shaper
Tone a wobbly double chin and work towards a sharper visage with this clinical face contouring treatment, which combines two-in-one energy to destroy fat cells under your chin and firm up skin with collagen repair. From $192 per session (30 mins each).

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