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When our skin is too dry, our complexion loses its vitality, leaving it dull and lifeless. Thankfully, gorgeous skin is within reach with Dr.Ci:Labo, the best-selling* medical cosmetics company in Japan that offers cutting-edge science in a bottle.

Dedicated to unlocking your skin’s natural beauty, Dr.Ci:Labo’s efficacious skincare range not only softens your skin while firming it, but also refines your pores and brightens your complexion, so you can revel in your skin’s long-lost radiance.

It all came about when dermatological specialist Dr Yoshinori Shirono could not find effective products to help his clinical patients remedy their woes due to dry skin. Taking matters into his own hands, he set out to create the highest quality skincare according to his exacting standards.

Based on meticulous research, Dr Shirono went on to develop a potent skincare formula comprising 120 carefully selected anti-irritation ingredients that improves your skin’s health and unlocks its natural radiance so it exudes a healthy glow from within.

Renowned for innovation, Dr.Ci:Labo’s skincare products are developed through a mix of science, technology and natural elements. Containing powerful ingredients that work, you can see the invigorating difference the instant the products touch your skin.

Defeat Dullness
Do wonders for parched skin with these anti-ageing agents

ALL IN THE FAMILY Dr.Ci:Labo’s classic family of serums includes (from left to right) the Super100 Vitamin C, Super100 – EGF, Super100 – Hyaluronic Acid and Super100 – Vitamin C.

Over the years, Dr.Ci:Labo’s products have won six awards at The Weekly’s Best Beauty Buys. This year, Dr.Ci:Labo’s BB Perfect Cream Enrich-Lift SPF 40 PA++++ was named Best BB Cream (Splurge), with testers impressed by its skincare benefits and coverage. This wonder cream works its magic with Gold Collagen EX, an ingredient unique to the brand, as well as resveratrol and marine placenta extract.

For plump and firm skin, Dr.Ci:Labo’s Aqua Collagen Gel Enrich Lift EX is also a top choice. Winner for Best Day Moisturiser for Dry Skin in the 2014 Best Beauty Buys Awards, this ageing-care gel tightens and lifts your visage to help you look younger. Featuring the 3D fascia band, a unique lifting ingredient by Dr.Ci:Labo, this three-dimensional structure works to tone, strengthen and firm up skin.

Dr.Ci:Labo’s range of serums in their Super100 Series also offers vital nourishment and encourages skin renewal. The Super100 – EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) is a beauty essence that minimises pores, fills in fine lines and brightens skin for a fairer look. EGF is a natural compound found in our bodies which helps with the renewal of our skin cells, and it decreases with age. With its rich concentration of EGF, the Super100 EGF helps reduce the formation of new wrinkles.

For dehyrated skin, let their Super100 –Hyaluronic Acid serum revive and rejuvenate your complexion. This 100 per cent undiluted hyaluronic acid essence helps skin retain moisture, so it stays hydrated and bouncy.

You can also keep your skin moist, firm and supple with the Super100 – Marine Collagen serum, which contains fish-derived, water-soluble collagen. For exceptional whitening results, the Super100 – Vitamin C serum helps to fight age spots, freckles, dull skin and visible pores, as it contains 10 per cent VC-IP, an oil-soluble vitamin C derivative.

Delivering results that show instantly on your skin, Dr.Ci:Labo can be trusted to help you put your best face forward and live life confidently, knowing your skin looks gorgeous every day.

A Dr.Ci:Labo special, created by The Singapore Women’s Weekly

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