Botox could reportedly be used aid weight loss in the future although it may not be effective as results are not permanent. (Photo: Pixabay)

Botox today is much more than simply a wrinkle freezer. It is being used for a number of things from reducing the appearance of wrinkles to alleviating extra sweaty armpits, hair rejuvenation and even some muscle disorders and back pain.  Now the injectable, reportedly could be used for another new cure.

In a study, researchers in Norway injected Botox in the stomachs – specifically into a nerve that controls hunger – of 20 obese patients with BMIs between 35 and 44. reported that they were given a second injection, six months later. Eighteen months and three injections later, 75 per cent of participants had lost an average of 28 percent of their extra weight.

Some experts say that the long-term results of using Botox as a weight loss tool are not encouraging. The effects of Botox are not only permanent, but they also require constant invasive procedures. Some research reports that you may tend to build up resistant to the toxin and it might be less or no longer be effective.


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