Woman and kids down with flu in bed
When flu season comes around, vitamin C-rich oranges start flying off the supermarket shelves as we prepare our immune systems to beat it. But, contrary to popular belief, vitamin C isn’t the miracle cure for the common cold.

Instead, this antioxidant acts to repair damaged tissues, promotes normal growth and development and is essential for good heart health. Vitamin C also assists in iron absorption, lowering cholesterol, is associated with healthier skin and a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.

The recommended daily intake of vitamin C is between 45 mg for adults, while children should aim to get 35 mg of vitamin C daily. It sounds easy enough, especially when 100 g of oranges contains more than enough for a day’s intake. However, if oranges don’t float your boat, this list of foods that are high in vitamin C just might…

These foods truly are packed full of vitamin C, making it oh-so-easy to up your intake!

However, do be wary you don’t overdo it. While there is no consensus on what is too much vitamin C, a prudent daily limit should sit around 1,000 mg. As always, if making significant changes to your diet, consult a medical professional or your GP first.

Text: The Australian Women’s Weekly / Additional reporting: Sean Tan / Photos: Pixabay, 123rf.com

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