Whether you are looking to hydrate your super-dry lips, going for a super-shiny look, being picky about the texture of your lip gloss, or have simply grown tired of your matte palette, Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Vernis a Levres Water Stain, $52, is the perfect lip product for you!

A “Watery” Gloss
Enriched with up to 40 per cent water, Vernis a Levres Water Stain creates a brilliant shine by leaving a refreshing and moist film on your lips, providing them with weightless hydrating comfort. It is most suitable for very dry lips or lips prone to dryness from applying lipstick.

Not only that, its lightweight, soft and non-sticky formula is also perfect for layering. If a natural look is what you are after, simply apply one layer of Vernis a Levres Water Stain. If you’re in a mood for a change, switch up your look by going bolder and louder by applying more layers. You can apply as many coats as you like (this writer’s record was four layers) and your lips will still feel as light as ever!

Apart from its remarkable texture, the applicator’s unique wave tip sits and glides comfortably on your lips, allowing for an even distribution with perfect precision. Yves Saint Laurent Beaute’s Global Creative Director Tom Pecheux says that the applicator, combined with the unique texture of Water Stain, makes application so much easier and you can achieve a gorgeous look even without using special techniques, making it perfect even for beginners.

18 Vibrant Shades (Two Limited Editions online)
Not only is Vernis a Levres Water Stain comfortable to wear, it also delivers luscious, intense shine in long-lasting colours. Its watery gloss lets your lips sparkle from all angles in the most #instagramworthy brilliance.

Choose from 18 preferred shades of the modern fashionistas – berry, nude, coral, pink, etc. The unique hydrating gloss lifts and flatters all kinds of skin tones. We recommend #610(Nude Underwater), #613(Cascade Bordeaux) and #618(Wet Vemilion). There are also two exclusive shades – #604(Peach Plunge) and #616(Bathed in Beige) that are available online only. So indulge yourself from the comfort of your own home!

Wanna transform your lips into shiny, moist and luscious petals instantly? Let’s #diveincolour!
Available in all Yves Saint Laurent Beaute boutiques and counters: YSL Beaute Ion Orchard, YSL Beaute Raffles City, YSL Beaute Vivocity, YSL Beaute Takashimaya, YSL Beaute TANGS at TANG Plaza, YSL Beaute Metro Paragon and YSL Beaute BHG Bugis .

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