If you’ve been wanting to have soft, feminine curls like your favourite K-drama stars, you can with customised perms by these expert stylists. Local salon chain Kimage brilliantly offers a range of customised perms that will help you get the natural-looking luscious waves you’re after, so you won’t have to be worried about your curls turning out out tight, stiff and old-fashioned. 


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Yes, perms can be scary. This is why you should seek out the professionals at Kimage. The trusted salon chain with 10 stores islandwide, and a hairdressing school, has built up over 25 years of experience styling manes. And to help you achieve easy-to-manage curls, that also add volume to thin hair, Kimage stylists are trained by specialists worldwide to advise you on the best customised perm for your hair type and face shape.

Instead of adopting a one-size-fits-all approach, Kimage believes in bringing out each client’s personality with uniquely-crafted hairstyles and perms. Satisfaction is guaranteed, otherwise, return within 10 days for a complimentary do-over.


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One of the easiest ways to update your look is to give your locks a refresh – and a perm will help you do just that, adding easy-to-maintain bounce and volume. And have no fear, Kimage’s customised perms will help you achieve a looser, more natural look you’ll love (not tight screws that will forever haunt you in pictures!).  

Many of the latest styles are created with hot perms and here’s a guide to some of the hot perm techniques:

CERAMIC “S-Curl” Perm

  • Great for achieving voluminous S-shaped curls
  • Uses ceramic rollers that can achieve higher temperatures, resulting in defined curls that can last longer and require less styling
  • Best for long and thick hair as thicker locks can withstand the heat better
  • Not advisable if you have very short hair as the perm will make your do even shorter
  • Process takes about four hours


  • Technique is similar to ceramic perming but the rollers are slightly cooler so curls are looser on the ends
  • As curls are softer, this technique can work even if you have short hair
  • Avoid if you have thin or over-processed locks as perming is a chemical process that may affect weak strands
  • Process takes about four hours


  • This is the look popularised by K-drama ladies and Asian celebs. It features soft C-shaped bends instead of S-shaped spirals
  • Gives hair more volume and movement
  • Good for short to shoulder-length hair as it doesn’t shorten your original length too much
  • Process takes about three hours


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It may sound daunting but you’ll be able to trust Kimage’s trained stylists who will first analyse your features, hair type and structure and lifestyle, before deciding on the perm and style that suits you. They will listen to your concerns, likes and dislikes, whether you prefer bouncy, voluminous curls or lighter, lived-ion “messy” waves beach curls. 

And sometimes, what is recommended could be a mixture of different styles to achieve that desired look. The expert stylists will customise your perm and use a combination of the ceramic, digital and/or wave perms, to create that perfect hairstyle for you. 


Pop by for a consult and the experts at Kimage will recommend the perfect customised perm for your hair type and texture, plus the look you’re yearning to achieve. For more information, salon locations or to make an appointment, visit


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