DrScalp Hair Program, by ClearSK

Designed by doctors, the award-winning DrScalp Hair Program is the complete hair program that strengthens your hair strands and scalp to boost hair growth for a luscious-looking mane. It begins with a deep cleansing of the scalp to rid impurities, and maintains the optimum balance of sebum and essential nutrients in order to provide the ideal environment to foster healthier hair growth. The program is then completed with a Soft Laser Infusion to stimulate hair follicles, as well as nourish the scalp and hair, thus increasing hair growth rate and strengthening your hair. At $256.

Complement your treatment with this take-home package:

3-Step Hair Care System

Give your tresses some extra TLC with this shampoo, follicle spray and growth activating serum. Formulated with plant extracts to promote hair growth, it’s the perfect complement to the DrScalp Hair Program. At $265.

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A ClearSK special, created by The Singapore Women’s Weekly.