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Thinking of adopting this up-and-coming diet trend? It’s as easy as sticking to these ten ‘golden rules’!

It’s been a long-kept secret of the yiayiathes and nonne of Greece and Italy but it seems the Mediterranean Diet is the key to living a healthier life.

To hear them talk, the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet have kept them young and snappy. Which is why they probably remember everything.

And why they’re likely to take pride in being proven correct.

Recent studies have supported their oft-repeated claims, citing benefits from a healthier heart to a reduced risk of dementia.

Adopting the diet is easy, too. There’s no calorie counting or ingredient scanning. Just follow these ten commandments and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier, happy lifestyle:

Not on the list, but one certainly worth mentioning, is replacing salt with antioxidant-rich herbs. Healthier and just as satisfying, it’s an easy one to remember!

Though it sounds like a world away from the stereotypical Greek diet, and just as far from other modern diets, following this diet has been proven to maintain one’s long-term health.

We’re so down to try it!

Text: By Stephanie Marinkovic / The Australian Women’s Weekly

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