Kitten drinking milk
Nut milk in general is safe for young kids who are lactose intolerant and even your pet kitten!

1. ALMOND MILK Made from water and ground almonds, this is ideal for vegans. Usually it does not need refrigerating, making it great for picnics, camping trips or to keep at your desk.

2. HAZELNUT MILK Gluten-, lactose- and soy-free, this nut milk is stronger in flavour than almond milk, so it works well in cooking.

3. MACADAMIA MILK Creamy and rich in antioxidants, this milk substitute is delicious and healthy. Add vanilla bean and cinnamon to help you wind down for the night.

4. CASHEW MILK High in magnesium and monosaturated fats, this velvety drop is the perfect option to dip chocolate-chic cookies into!

Text: Woman’s Day, Bauer Syndication / Additional Reporting: Sean Tan
Photo: Pixabay